Wednesday, May 20, 2015

it's crunch time!

i'm really trying to keep the blog updated, so i can remember the crazyness of moving halfway across the country, but house selling/packing/working is pretty much taking up 99% of my waking hours. speaking of waking hours, i've been going to bed around 11pm lately (that's late for me!) and ashford has been waking us up around 4-5am....and not going back to sleep. oof! i'm glad i've become a coffee person because it's the only thing getting me through. well, coffee and adrenaline. 

so, where was i? oh yeah, our house went on the market the day we left for seattle. we had spent 2 weeks before that painting, purging, cleaning, and staging. it was a lot of work, but our house never looked better by the time we were done. my mom was at our house the entire day before the photographer came, helping out. and thatcher's parents watched the kids a bunch of extra days. because we make zero progress when they are here. actually make that negative progress - i call them the 'un-doers' :) 

here are a few pictures of our house in all of its staged glory: 

we ended up getting an offer the second day it was on the market, and it was under contract a couple days after that. the inspection was this past weekend, so we should be good until closing in mid-june (we'll already be gone). i'm thankful it's a seller's market right now. our biggest fear was having to move before the house was under contract.

our neighbors hosted the nicest going away party for us last sunday. it was mostly my book club ladies and their families there. we seriously hit the jackpot with this block and it makes me sad to think we won't be seeing them anymore. 

finally, we've been packing all week. our pod arrives thursday night and gets picked up saturday. packing has been a beast, but that's because we are really having to go through everything and decide what is worthy of coming with us. it's amazing how much stuff you acquire over the years. sort of disgusting actually! we are looking forward to just having our favorite/most used stuff in our place in seattle. 

thatcher leaves on tuesday the 26th to drive out there. the kids and i have a one way ticket for june 5th. my mother in law will be making the trip out and staying for a week to help us get settled, so that will be really nice! things are happening fast, that's for sure! 


Brittany said...

What a cute house!! That's awesome that it sold so quickly so that's one less thing for you guys to be stressing over. Can't believe how fast everything is happening!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Seattle.

Durant Imboden said...

It looks like you Photoshopped your living room!

Carolyn said...

The photos look amazing, and congrats on selling in two days!! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed that your last few weeks in Minnesota go smoothly! We'll miss you, but I'm so very excited about your adventure! :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i LOVE that it only took 2 days! your house is adorable, how could it not!?


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