Wednesday, April 1, 2015

march wrap-up

hello april! but first, i'm going to back up a bit to share a few things from march that didn't get blogged about (no surprise). 

dad update: 

starting with the most parents returned from florida last week (a few weeks earlier than planned), my dad's chemo has really been taking a toll on him the last few months. he's lost a bunch of weight (from lack of appetite/increased nausea), he's had fluid removed from his lungs 3 times, been coughing more, and is tired a lot of the time. it had been 3 months since his last scan, so they ordered one for him. it showed that his lung tumor has grown again slightly (no spreading, thankfully). that means this drug he's been on for about 9 months is losing its effectiveness and it's time to talk about other options. the doctor he sees in florida is not his primary oncologist, so she suggested they return to minnesota to formulate a plan with his doctor here. 

it's always disappointing when a drug is no longer effective (there are only so many options, after all), but my dad was ready to be done with this one, so it was a bit of a relief as well. anyway, long story dad is starting a new plan that is a low dose chemo drug administered once a week. we are hoping the side effects won't be as bad. he is trying to stay active when he feels up to it (short walks/bike rides with my mom). it's hard to see him looking thinner and tired these days, but he continues to fight! and i think being back with the grand kids helps his morale too :) thanks for all prayers/positive thoughts sent his way! 

my mom plays this sliding game on their leather couch with the kids and they love it! 

new nanny: 

you may remember we were having a friend of ours babysit the kids a couple times/month on days when i work to help give thatcher's parents a break, but her work schedule changed and she is no longer available, so we needed to find some one new. enter meg, (who i met through my awesome nanny friend lauren). meg lives about a mile from us, has a 16 month old daughter who she stays home with and also nannies for families. she had thursdays open, so we took it. the kids have gone there the last 3 weeks and it's been great! i'm so glad we were able to find some one easily, and a wonderful caregiver at that! 

uncle anders and nith's visit:

thatcher's brother anders and his girlfriend nith (pronounced "nit") were in town for the month of march (minus a week spent in california). she is from laos originally (but has lived in cambodia, australia, and germany since she was 16) and they are in the same masters program in frieberg, germany. it was nith's first visit to the states, and our first time meeting her. it was so fun having them around the last few weeks. the kids and nith really enjoyed each other from day 1, which was awesome. we had them over for a few meals, went to the little mermaid musical at the middle school down the street, and had lots of play time. now they are headed back overseas to live and work in thailand for 6 months! so cool! 

other fun happenings this month: 

attended thatcher's childhood friend paul's birthday party at his beautiful condo's party room overlooking the river + a trip to izzy's ice cream, i had dinner with my high school friend mollie at burger jones, ashford and i walked mall of america with my friend emily one morning, frozen yogurt date with our friend laura and her daughters evie and miri.

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lo @ crazy ever after said...

I think about you and your family so much. Thank you for the update on your dad. Hoping for a miracle, and in the interim, success with the treatment.

So pumped that things are working out with Meg. You're both two of my favorite mamas. The kids will have so much fun with her and Juni this summer.


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