Monday, April 13, 2015

dentist, family sleepover, park with friends

saturday morning was azalea's second ever dentist appointment. it went sooo well last time that i wasn't sure lightning was going to strike twice, but it did ;) azalea is a drama queen about a lot of things in life, but going to the dentist isn't one of them. she is eager to go and was cooperative the whole time. she had to get xrays this time, which i was nervous about, but i had no reason to. her little mouth was too small for the normal way of taking xrays, so they took us to a special room where she stood on a stool and bit a little stick attached to a machine that rotated around her head. she followed directions and stayed super still the whole time. meanwhile, i was holding my breath! haha. 

saturday night we had our annual family sleepover with our friends liz, joe, and their kids jake (6) and max (4). it was rescheduled from new years eve when joe was sick. haha. i didn't take any pictures there, but it was a lot of fun!

it was a beautiful day, around 70 degrees! we grilled on the patio and played in their back yard for the evening. we attempted to put the kids down for bed around 8pm, but my kids weren't having it. i think it was nearly 9:30 by the time they actually fell asleep. after that, the grown ups made some popcorn and watched a movie (that i mostly slept through because i'm awesome like that). it was a rough night of sleep. both kids slept in the guest room with us (ashford in the pack n play and azalea on a mattress on the floor). ashford woke up crying at 4am after azalea let out a single scream (bad dream?). he refused to go back to sleep, tossed and turned in our bed for about an hour. finally, i got up with him and we went out in the family room for a while. at 5:30 thatcher took over and i went back to sleep. i slept til 7:15 when azalea woke up and we got up to hang out with ashford while thatcher went back to bed. why did i think a sleepover was a good idea for my terrible sleeper?! ha. thankfully all the sleep struggles were forgotten when joe made us the most delicious crepes with nutella and berries for breakfast. i'm still drooling over them. 

sunday afternoon our friends becky and linnea, and sarah and aubrey came over for a playground date with azalea and me. it was another gorgeous day! the girls had fun playing and the moms had fun chatting (when the kids allowed - ha!). i'm so thankful for friendships with these mamas who are going through the same things i am. and our girls are pretty darn cute together, if i do say so myself. (there is only about 6 months between them) 


ajs {of MN} said...

the girls park playdate looked like a lot of fun, cute girls! :)

Becky said...

Fun weekend! Oh, those girls kill me a bit with their cuteness. We should definitely do it again sometime!


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