Friday, April 24, 2015

ashford: 16 months

your second year is 1/3 of the way done - wowza!

- as of your doctor appt last week (more on that later), you weigh 22 lbs, not sure about height 

- wearing mostly 18 month clothes, but some 12 month still fits. size 4 shoes. size 3 diaper, but we may move up soon.

- you are becoming a little spitfire and starting to test the boundaries these days with running away from mama, hitting, throwing food on the floor (that one's not new), and screaming when you don't get your way. but you are still the sweetest boy i've ever met and a total mama's boy to the core. 

- you don't have many new words, but you repeat a lot of stuff we say to you, which is adorable. you know tons of animal sounds and can point to body parts. 

- you are still a very picky eater. i try to hide veggies in your food but you always find them. we've been trying to stick to our guns at dinner with "this is what we're having", but the doctor said it's ok to put a little bit of food that we know you'll eat in front of you as well. 

- sleep is still "interesting" for a boy your age. i think you've been getting more teeth (molars) lately because you've had a lot of rough nights filled with crying lately. you are still transitioning to one nap per day. the other day you only slept 30 minutes the entire day. i could not believe it (and cried a little inside). haha 

- i'm still nursing you before nap(s), bed time, and every morning (who knows if there's even much milk supply anymore), but we both enjoy that time together. except for when you try to climb me like a mountain....while latched. i could live without that ;) 

- we had an unexpected trip to the doctor last week after you fell backwards off a low bench and hit your head on the concrete. thankfully you were just fine, but they wanted to be sure! so many bumps and bruises for you and it's only the beginning. 

we love you, stinker boy! 

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