Monday, March 2, 2015

february wrap up

i know it's march now, but i was sort of a lazy blogger last month, so i want to record a few things before i get any more behind. 

- it was a freaking cold month. it was hard adjusting after returning from florida and i have some major spring fever right now, even though spring is at least a month away (if we're lucky). siigh. if we can just get a string of above freezing days, i will be a happy camper. 

- i had my company staff "holiday dinner" at bar la grassa. it's an amazing restaurant right downstairs from our office. i'm not kidding when i say we ordered just about one of everything on the menu (it's a sharing kinda place) and it was so so good. i went to bed with the hugest stomach ache, but it was well worth it! and the company can't be beat!

- the whole fam went to the carag (neighborhood in uptown) chilly chili fest. it was a fun time as always and delicious chili too! plus we got to hang out with thatcher's dad, sister, and our nephew jack! 

- when we moved into our house, my mom made me take a bunch of my stuff from my childhood that she had been holding on to for me. that included my beloved barbies. poor barbie gets a bad wrap, but i loved them so much when i was growing up. i recently pulled out a few for azalea (and ashford) and they are loving them too! :)

- you may or may not know, thatcher played the trumpet in high school and college and was in the u of m marching band. lately he's been busting out his trumpet and the kids think it's the greatest thing ever. azalea likes to play it as's quite...lovely ;) 

- have you ever been a part of a 'pay it forward' thing in a drive thru lane? i've always heard about them, but it had never happened to me until i was going through the starbucks drive thru last friday and when i got up to the window to pay, the girl told me the person in front of me had paid for my drink and i was all set! so nice! of course, i wanted to pay it forward and make some one else's day (like mine had been made), so i did and drove away in a much better mood than i arrived with. 

- thatcher's grandpa (who lives in colorado) turned 91 last week, so we had a little skype date to wish him a happy birthday. thatcher's grandma was there too, just hadn't gotten in front of the camera yet when i took this picture. he is seriously the hippest great grandpa ever, as far as technology goes! it's really quite amazing. it was fun to catch up with them and i know they love seeing the kids too. 

i am really looking forward to march! besides pretending it will be spring-like (ha!), here are a few other things that are coming up:

- thatcher's brother is going to be in town for a month from germany (where he's been going to school) and is bringing along his friend nith who is from laos, for her first trip to the states! 

- i have my neighborhood ladies wine book club

- azalea turns 4 (how?!) and has her kindergarten screening (even though she won't go til 2016)

- thatcher and i are having a date night to see echosmith in concert. 

- daylight saving time. amen! 

happy march!

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