Monday, March 30, 2015

birthday fun for azalea

my girl had some fun-filled days celebrating turning 4! 

the birthday:

azalea's actual birthday was last thursday. the night before (after she went to bed) , i strung up some streamers and blew up balloons in the kitchen for a little surprise when she woke up. 

her reaction was priceless. "mama! look at the ribbons on the ceiling!" "did you blow the balloons up in your mouth..? because it's my birthday...?" "am i not 3 anymore?"

this picture was taken at 6:05am. ashford had already been awake for an hour. oy...

thatcher slept in because he was feeling sick the day before. ashford was sooooooo clingy/whiney/sobby all morning. i think he was feeling under the weather from his vaccinations the day before. he ended up going down for a nap at 7:45, and when i tried to wake him at 8:45 to go to our new (one day/week) nanny meg's house, he was sleeping so hard, i just didn't have the heart. thatcher was staying home sick from work, so he agreed to let me leave ashford with him. i dropped off azalea at meg's house (with plans to go to the zoo!) and headed to work. when i picked her up, she was so excited from her fun day with meg and juniper (meg's daughter who is ashford's age). we had a low-key evening at home. we made pancakes for dinner (her fav!) and had some cake, with candles and singing of course. we skyped with my parents in florida so they could sing to her too. 

she also opened her gifts from us...chutes and ladders, a kid-size infinity scarf (she always wants to wear mine), and a little mermaid beach towel. 

the kid party: 

saturday was her kid party. we've never really had one for her, so i figured we were due! a little over a month ago, i reserved a party package at williston fitness center in minnetonka. they have an indoor climbing play structure, and a side room were you can serve food, etc. all of the kids we invited were able to make it except one (who was sick). speaking of sick, guess who else wasn't able to come? that's right, thatcher. :( it was crappy timing, but probably for the best. my mom came along to help and luckily the kids are still at the age where the parents stick around for the party too. 

azalea had a great time eating pizza & cake, and playing in the "treehouse" with her friends. the two hours went by really fast! 

we ran out of time for gifts at the party, so she opened them as soon as we got home. she was so excited about each one.

we had planned to host both sides of the family for another little party on sunday night, but thatcher still wasn't feeling 100%, so we decided it would be best to cancel it. thankfully azalea wasn't too upset. we told her we can see the grandmas and grandpas another night and have cake with them. 

yesterday azalea asked me "mama, am i still 4?" yes, my cute girl, you are! 


~Dawn~ said...

Absolutely adorable :) Glad she had the best time and is excited about being 4.

Hope Thatcher is feeling better?? So much junk is going around!!

Bridget said...

Her hair is so beautiful...i love the curls!!!! Glad she had a fabulous party...looks like fun!

Brittany said...

Hapoy birthday to little miss azalea! Sounds like she had a great weekend.

ajs {of MN} said...

So much birthday fun!


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