Monday, March 23, 2015

ashford: 15 months

another month of your second year in the the books! you are a full fledged toddler these days and learning new skills every day:

this month you've enjoyed time with your uncle anders and his girlfriend nith who are in town from germany, had lots of play time outside because the weather was (mostly) nice, and got 2 new teeth! 

you have become rather demanding with lots of screams and tantrums if you don't get your way (or whatever you want, immediately). you still only have a handful of words that you say regularly, "dada" "azahhh" "yes" "mama", although there are quite a few words that you repeat back when said to you. 

you have been continuing your picky eating track record. you still won't touch any vegetable with a 10 foot pole. you've also decided to start throwing any food off your tray that doesn't look appealing to you. such a stinker! your favorite foods are mac n cheese, clementines, waffles (or any bread, really), and pizza. you drink from a sippy cup most of the time and still have a few bottles a week. (i'm trying to figure out how to phase those out while still nursing). 

you still nurse a few times/day and i'm so glad that you do. i'm not sure if we'll do it for another month or another 9 months, but time will tell. you even ask to nurse now, which is pretty cute. and you are not a happy boy if i tell you it's not happening (i usually reserve it for before sleep times). 

sleep hasn't changed a whole lot this month. although daylight saving time seems to have permanently pushed your 4am wake up to 5am which is good and bad. good because it's an extra hour of sleep before it comes, bad because sometimes you don't go back to sleep. oy. you are waffling between 1 and 2 naps a day, which is always an interesting phase. 

you weigh 21 lbs and are 30.5 inches long. 25th percentile for both. my tiny man! you wear a mix of 12 and 18 month clothes. size 3 diaper and shoes. 

likes: baths, going outside, nursing, special treats, doggies, books, playing with your sister, being conjoined at the hip with mama, giving kisses

dislikes: diaper/clothes changes, riding in the car, being told "no", when mama leaves you, when we give you food you don't want 

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~Dawn~ said...

Ok, I love to see that your bro has a girlfriend...did he meet her in Germany?? Good for him! :)

I also love that you're still nursing Ashford (and that he asks for it)...I nursed Lilli for 2 years and I loved when she asked to nurse. hehe


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