Monday, March 16, 2015

a darn good spring weekend

it's been a while since i've done a good old fashioned weekend update...complete with all sorts of details no one cares about. so, let's get to it! i feel like someone should pinch me with all this nice weather we've been having (near 70 degrees multiple days!). i've almost forgotten that it's only mid-march and there could still be a blizzard (or two) ahead of us. ha! let's hope not!

friday night thatcher and i got to have a date night. those don't come around all that often these days, so i was excited. for christmas, i had bought him (us) tickets to see echosmith at the varsity theater. we started the night off with dinner at rainbow chinese, which was delish! then we parked downtown and took the light rail to dinkytown for the show. we joked that we would probably be the oldest ones there (given that the members of the band are all between 16 and 21), our prediction was partially true. we were the oldest people there...without their tweens in tow ;) the show was really good, aside from some groan-worthy overly programmed antics between songs. 

after the show, we stopped by glam doll donuts for a late night dessert. actually, i ate mine there and thatcher got one for the next morning because he is a party pooper. haha. 

the kids went to thatcher's parents' for the night and when we arrived back at their house at 11:15pm, azalea was still awake, just hanging out! such a funny girl!

we hoped that everyone would sleep in saturday morning, but that wasn't realistic, since ashford fell asleep at his normal time the night before. azalea slept an hour later than usual (8am), and thatcher and i traded off sleeping in until the 9:00 hour. later in the morning we headed to uptown so thatcher could get his hair cut. the kids and i went to the walker library (where we ran into thatcher's mom, sister, and our nephew, which was fun!). the kids played in the kid's area for a while then we met up with thatcher again and walked around uptown. it was a beautiful morning!

after lunch and naps, we headed to a birthday party at our friends faith and jim's. they had some other friends and family there to hang out, play games, and enjoy some yummy food. they have a super cute porch with a hanging bench swing and the kids thought it was the greatest. they were having so much fun sitting on it that i managed to get this adorable picture! 

sunday morning i took the kids to church. it was forecasted to be 70 degrees, but the morning started off cloudy, windy, and cool. when the kids went down for a nap, i headed out for a little solo shopping trip at knollwood mall. i got a bunch of cute clothes at old navy and some patterned slip-on tennis shoes from dsw. it was a successful (and relaxing!) trip. when i came home azalea was awake....and had not slept at all. she did not nap the entire day. i know we are extremely lucky that she still naps at almost four years old, but we are just not ready for this no-nap business. hopefully it was just a fluke. the sun came out and it warmed up nicely, so we spent the rest of the day playing with the neighbors outside and grilling up veggie pizzas with balsamic drizzle. mmmmm. 

hope you had a nice weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful weather, too! 


DeNae said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend. And that picture on the porch swing is so adorable! Have a great week.

katielookingforward said...

I just heard echosmith this weekend on the radio and loved it! I'm sure the show was great!

~Dawn~ said...

Hooray for a fun date night!!
This weekend was so gorgeous weather-wise!! That pic of the kids on the porch swing is definitely one to frame and hang in the living room! :) Precious!

Becky said...

Ummmm. Is it weird that I care about the details that you said no one cares out? It's fun to hear what others are up to!
Date night sounds super fun!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of your kiddos! Perfect!
Linnea didn't nap great this weekend either. I'm not ready to give that up!
The weather was amazing! I'm glad you were able to soak it up!

ajs {of MN} said...

so happy you guys got to get out and do something fun together!

you are SO lucky to still have a napping toddler. i get MAYBE one accidental nap on the couch every other week or so! haha

lucky avrie doesnt act as though she needs a nap- otherwise id be really crazy!! ;)

P!nky said...

Grilled veggies, YUMMMMMMY!!! Looks like a great weekend.


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