Monday, February 16, 2015

nothing says romance like buying a new furnace

as you can tell from the title of this post, we had a super romantic weekend around here.

azalea had preschool friday morning, so on thursday night we put together these little valentines for her classmates (all 4 of them). then a couple kids weren't even there on friday. haha

 the real fun started friday morning with a "tune up" of our 22 year old furnace (that's like 100 in human years). i think the only reason our furnace still works is because the person who bought it bought the cadillac of furnaces in 1993. everything was checking out fine until the technician tested the carbon monoxide levels being exhausted outside our house and they were off the charts! thankfully the levels inside our house were at zero. we have 3 carbon monoxide detectors as well, but those aren't always 100% reliable. the guy told us without a doubt we need a new furnace...and also the minor detail that if that amount of carbon monoxide somehow got into our house (through a cracked pipe or something), we would be goners. super comforting, right?! we have no idea how long this has been the case, but now that we know we didn't especially feel like sleeping in our house until we get a new furnace in on tuesday, so we took advantage of my parents' un-occupied house and had a little family sleepover there for the weekend. 

saturday morning (valentine's day) we got a bid from a second company on a furnace. the technician agreed the consequence of the carbon monoxide seeping into the house would be huge, but the risk is extremely low. mixed messages are fun :) when the kids got up from their afternoon naps, i let them open their valentine's day gifts. ok, i have to confess, i only got something for azalea because ashford doesn't really need anything or know the difference, so yeah. #momconfessions

in the late afternoon, we dropped the kids off at thatcher's parents' for about an hour, so we could go visit our friend beth who had a baby a few weeks ago. i got to snuggle little nico the whole time, which was heaven. for dinner we picked up asian take out from a new (to us) place on the way home. the kids cried all through dinner. :) 

after ashford went to sleep, azalea and i watched a strawberry shortcake movie (part of her gift) while thatcher made a chocolate souffle for dessert. 

it was sooooooo good. 

we all went to bed around 9pm. ashford and me in my old bedroom, and azalea and thatcher downstairs. ashford slept terribly all weekend, so i'm dragging today. but my little family was all together, and i couldn't ask for anything more! 

hope you had a nice valentine's day! 


Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Your Valentine's Day was just as romantic as mine was. But yours was definitely more expensive. ;)

Carolyn said...

Ugh. Our furnace is ancient too... dreading that purchase!

ajs {of MN} said...

our furnace went out at our new place (not living there yet) on friday the 13th but THANKFULLY we have a good friend in the business and he talked us through the repairs and we (aaron) was able to buy the $12 and get her up and running again! Whewwww

Rachel - Floral and Fudge said...

The chocolate souffle looks delicious!
Our furnace is like from the 50s... so you're making me nervous about what kinds of air issues it could have! I'm glad you got a new one! :)

Becky said...

Uff. I hate having to buy a furnace. We had to do that a couple years ago. Boo.


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