Thursday, January 22, 2015

january un-blogged abouts

i feel like i've been a major slacker on documenting our happenings this month. nothing earth-shattering has been going on, but i love looking back at what we were up to during any given day, week, month, so here's my attempt at catching up:

- on january 7th ashford finally had his one year check up. i updated his 12 month post with his stats, but i thought i'd put them here too. 19 lbs, 5 oz (16%) and 30 inches long (46%). such a peanut! in fact, his stats are slightly less than azalea's were at 12 months. i'm sure he'll be bigger than both azalea and me someday, also, ashford is getting really close to walking. he practices any chance he gets and is sort of in that half crawling, half walking stage. we're in trouble now! i can't believe he is 13 months as of yesterday. i need to do a little post on that as well. 

- we are building out the storage closet in our basement. i've been so excited to gain this closet since our house is small and is pretty short on storage space. it doesn't look huge, but it actually fits way more than i thought it would. it's nice to have a new home for holiday & other decor, board games, wrapping paper/gift bags, and some unused office supplies. now we just need some trim and...a door!

- last thursday was officially my last day of pumping at work! i've done it for the last 9+ months and had been dropping from 3 sessions down to 1 over the last few weeks. it feels good to be done! i'm still breastfeeding, but ashford is having bottles of whole milk when i work now. 

-  last friday azalea and i went to our friends diana, jim, & greta's for dinner and to check out their new house. ashford and thatcher were feeling a bit under the weather, so they stayed home. as of today, azalea is the only who who has been spared the cold. hopefully we are all healthy soon! 

- last saturday azalea attended a swimming party for her friend naomi's 4th birthday. she had been looking forward to it for soooo long and asked me almost daily if we could go to the party. she had a great time swimming at the community center (i went in with her). they also had a party room with snacks and cake for the kids. i think i need to have a "kid party" for her this year after taking a few years off. i just need to figure out what to do for it! 

 - after way too many days below zero this month, we were rewarded with some "warm" temps (nearly 40 degrees) last weekend. that is super warm for january in mn ;) the kids and i went for a walk around the neighborhood - it felt so good to be able to do that! 

speaking of warmer weather, we'll be experiencing some of that very soon as our florida trip is coming up quick! weeee! 

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Becky said...

Fun catch-up post! January tends to kind of be like that for me - nothing earth shattering. Hiberation mode - ready for spring! Glad all is well.


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