Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween fun and wedding!

happy november! i'm not sure how that happened, but i'm pretty much giddy thinking about the holidays coming up! let's not get too ahead of ourselves though...we still have halloween recapping to do! 

it was nice that halloween was on a friday this year. it's not like we do anything crazy either way, but still. azalea and ashford got a lot of use out of their costumes that day. azalea had preschool in the morning and her teacher let all the kids dress up, so that was fun! they did some crafts and made some halloween-shaped rice crispy treats. out of the 4 girls in the class, 2 of them were dressed as elsa, haha, not surprised. right after preschool, i headed downtown with the kids to my office for our annual halloween potluck. it probably wasn't the wisest decision considering they both usually nap around 12-12:30, but i wanted to go for a bit. ashford was pretty tired and crabby, but we had fun and i think my co-workers enjoyed seeing them in their costumes. 

i wanted to get a picture of the kids together in their costumes while it was still light out. i've learned to keep my expectations pretty low when it comes to these photo opps, but the kids surprised me by not putting up a fight, looking at the camera, and smiling! it was a halloween miracle :) 

our decor was simple, but fun: 

that evening my brother stopped over to see the kids all dressed up. my old roomate sarah also came to hang out for the night. we ordered chinese and soon azalea was bouncing off the walls, begging us to take her trick or treating. we decided to take her in shifts because i wanted to keep ashford home since it was almost his bedtime (and it was a cold halloween - upper 30s!). thatcher took azalea out for about a half hour, then they stopped back at the house and sarah and i took her out for about another half hour. it was a good amount of time. she loved trick or treating this year. she was so excited about going up to each house, it was pretty darn cute. when we got home, we let her eat a couple pieces of candy, so of course she was a happy camper. we didn't get a ton of trick or treaters at our house, but it was a fun halloween all around! 

saturday night thatcher and i attended a wedding for my good friend michelle who i've known since high school. i had been looking forward to her wedding for a long time! it was at day block event center, which is a beautiful new venue in downtown. i'm seriously such a sap for weddings. i think i teared up like 10 times during the night. haha. i'm so happy for her and her new hubby joe! here are some pictures from the night: 

instead of cake, they had wedding donuts. best thing ever! 

i told thatcher i want to have our next wedding here ;) 

these girls are two of my best high school friends and i'm so happy they are still in my life. we were just missing our friend katie who couldn't make it up from st. louis. 

towards the end of the night (you know what that means...) anna and i decided we needed to take a picture with the picture of michelle and joe's cats (who were there in spirit). michelle said during her speech to joe "he's my cat lady". bahaha. 

such a fun night, and now our 2 weddings this year are done!


~Dawn~ said...

Awww, cutest Elsa and Skeleton I've ever seen. :)
bahahhaa...the cat picture!! too funny!

Becky said...

That picture of the kids!! Ahhh! So cute! Sounds like a fun weekend... Quite similar to ours. Ha ha!

ajs {of MN} said...

the picture of the kids by the pumpkin is SOOOOO cute!!!

Bridget said...

Love the big grin photo of the kids!!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful Halloween! Both kiddos look adorable!
And a donut cake station? Heck yes! Love that idea for a wedding! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! That pic of the kids is perfect!! So cute! We went to a wedding at Day Block last year and it's AWESOME!!! So pretty!

Brittany said...

What a fun wedding! I love the brewery there. Have you ever been? I am obsessed with it. The first time we were there I told Jamal I want to have our rehearsal dinner there but now you are telling me I can actually get married there?!?!? AMAZING!!!! I will for sure be looking into that.


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