Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on friday

i realized last night it's been a week since i posted. oops! blogging (at least) once a week is a goal i try to stick to, so here i am :) nothing earth shattering has been happening around here. but here's a little run down of life lately: 

1. my friend kris brought over the throw pillow covers she made for our couch and i am in love with them! i'm planning to share pictures of our living room once it's completed, but we're not quite there yet. the biggest thing we have left to get is an end table, so our lamp doesn't have to live on the floor anymore.

2. last weekend my friend becky and i had a little afternoon date to the 'fall spectacular' that our friend dawn organized. it was a handmade and other vendor sale at the eagan community center. it was really cool to see a lot of products in real life that i've only seen online before. i bought my first set of jamberry nail wraps and a tutu for azalea for christmas (she is obsessed with the one she's worn a few times at her friend naomi's house). 

3. we got our first snow fall of the season this past monday-tuesday. only a couple inches, which was way less than they predicted. i do like the snow at this time of year, even if it felt just a little too early (thanksgiving time is ideal). i also work on mondays and tuesdays, so having to commute downtown in it wasn't my favorite. i would have much rather enjoyed it from inside my warm house snuggled up on the couch with a warm drink. because, that's really how my days at home with the kids go. ha! it's feeling more like december 14th than november 14th. hopefully this just means spring will arrive sooner. we can dream right? 

4. not surprisingly i'm getting super excited for christmas. you better believe i started listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies right after halloween, but thatcher has a strict "no decorating until after thanksgiving" rule which i'm totally okay with. in addition to needing to buy ashford a pottery barn stocking to match azalea's, i'm also thinking of getting some sort of advent calendar or christmas countdown to do with azalea. something that she can look forward to each day. i've seen some cute ones on etsy! do any of you have something similar or have ideas? 

5. i can't think of a 5th, soooo happy friday! :) 


~Dawn~ said...

I have to admit that I have started listening to Christmas music a little bit, too, and am getting really excited for Christmas decor. Usually I'm a wait until after Thanksgiving type, but this year with the early snow..I'm all for bringing on the Christmas season a little bit early.

Please let me know what you find in the way of advent calendars.

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

Oh, we used to have a nice wooden advent calendar when I was a kid! It was so fun :) There are tons of awesome ideas on Pinterest too.

DeNae said...

I love people's different philosophies on Christmas music and movies. If it makes you happy, crank it up! Have a nice weekend.


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