Friday, October 17, 2014

five on friday

3 blog posts this week?! look at me go! i love these posts and i haven't done one in a while, so here we go. five random things on my mind to kick off the weekend:

1. two nights ago we booked our winter trip to florida! of course we live in limbo with my dad's health, but as of now we plan to join my parents down in florida for a week at the end of january. i'm a liiittle nervous about flying with a 13 month old boy, but we'll survive. right?! i'm so grateful that we can make this trip happen each year thanks to very little expense once we get down there (and lots of baby stuff we can borrow). our tickets were actually really cheap too! just over $200. we haven't gotten tickets that cheap in quite a few years. thanks sun country!

2. last week i attended (and hosted!) my first ever book club. i started it along with my neighbor sarah for all the ladies on our street. there were about 8 of us who got together last week, ate yummy food, drank wine, and chatted about the paris wife! our next meet up is november 18th and we are reading "annie freeman's fabulous traveling funeral." has anyone read it? 

3. i have been obsessed with the fall foliage this year. is it just me or are the colors more vibrant than ever? every time i walk or drive down the street, i'm just in awe of the beauty. i wish things looked like this for a little longer in minnesota. but maybe that's why it's so special, because it doesn't last long. this is our next door neighbor's tree: 

4. azalea has been off preschool this week for mea, so i've had lots of time with both kiddos to fill. one day we went to southdale with our friends sara and lydia and played in the play area. (and rode the elevators more times that you wanna know). ;) another morning we went to dunn bros, so the kids could play with the toys while mama enjoyed her coffee. happy kids, happy mama!


~Dawn~ said...

Ashford's little grin just kills me! :)
Hooray for another trip to Florida..and such a great deal on airfare!!

Jackie and Tom said...

Love the kiddo smiles here Melissa! They're both so cute :)

Courtney B said...

Florida in January?! Sounds heavenly!
I really want to start a book club in my little town!

ajs {of MN} said...

hi! remember me! book club envy!!!


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