Wednesday, October 15, 2014

azalea says...

azalea turned 3.5 at the end of september. i wanted to do a full out update on her these days, but this will have to suffice.

azalea you are...spunky, sweet, stubborn, hilarious, loving, bossy, silly, and beautiful. you have such a big personality and life just keeps getting more and more fun with you. you go between wanting to do everything yourself to talking like a baby and wanting to be held. sometimes you frustrate me more than i ever thought possible, but you never hold a grudge and you are always quick to forgive and love. a lesson we all should learn. you insist on wearing the same 2-3 dresses over and over and it takes all of my willpower to just "let it go". here are some of our favorite sayings from you over the last couple months: 

"mama, it's a ketchup car! mama, it's a mustard car!' (red cars, yellow cars) 

"i just already..." (went potty, brushed my teeth, etc) 

azalea: "mama, are you putting on your bra?"
me: "yep!"
azalea "i not have a bra"
me: "nope, because you don't have breasts. you'll have them when you get bigger"
azalea "and i can feed my baby!"

"tickle mane-ILAHHHH" (my dad always says "tickle-mania" to her) 

"mama can you help me eat this?" when we tell her to eat something she doesn't want 

"'s ok, mama. it's ok" when i tell her not to do something

"brum-brella" (umbrella) 

 "mama, i'm gonna give my baby (doll) an owie on her head and then make her feel all better" how sweet...

"we used to be best bunnies" (wrong lyrics from "do you want to build a snowman")

"mama, do you like me in here?" sitting in a toy box with her legs up in the air

"i love you, friends!" hugging thatcher and i at the same time

"maybe we'll go in the pool. maybe grandma jan will go in the pool. maybe grandma jan won't want to fall off her bike" remembering last winter in florida when my mom couldn't go in the pool because of her broken ankle. 

" have to cough in your elbow!" 

"i don't eat my poopy!" all.the.time. followed by maniacal laughter


~Dawn~ said...

I love you friends....AWWWWWWWWWW!!

Lisa said...

LOL- The "I don't eat my poopy" one made me giggle. Rosemary says the same thing! It must be a 3.5 year-old thing?? Loved reading these- and happy Half Birthday to Azalea (last month). :)

Becky said...

I love this post! I need to be better about doing this with Linnea. They say the funniest things!


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