Thursday, September 4, 2014

preschool begins!

azalea had her first day of preschool yesterday! as i mentioned a few weeks ago, we signed her up for a class at the park by our house on wednesdays and fridays from 9:30-12. i'm so grateful for my time at home with her and her time with the grandparents, but none of us are teachers, so i'm happy she is getting this school-like experience, even if it's just a few hours a week. did it go? 

great! we got there a few minutes early and met her teacher "miss jan" (she shares a name with my mom, so that'll be easy to remember). the class is sort of comically small...there are only 4 kids on wednesdays and 5 on fridays. great teacher to student ratio, right?! :) one other little girl was getting dropped off at the same time and she was sobbing and clinging to her parents. i had no idea how azalea would do, but she waltzed right in saying "this is my school!" and started playing with toys. i wondered if she really understood that i was leaving her there for a few hours, but she did just fine! 

when i picked her up at noon, she was excited to see me. (although all the kids were sitting nicely with the teacher reading a book and azalea was across the room playing with a toy by herself. that is so azalea). she told me all about the toys she played with, the snack they ate (goldfish and carrots), and the art project they did (a chicka chicka boom boom name picture). 

here she is, all ready for her first day! it was raining out, so i had to drive her, but normally we'll walk because it's so close. she is obsessed with this dress (which used to belong to my friend dawn's daughters). she wears it about 3 times/week. 

taking in all the fun stuff in her class room

ashford and i thoroughly enjoyed our 2.5 hours together. we made a run to target (soo much more relaxing with just him), watched a little of the today show, and he took a nap for the last 45 minutes and i ate lunch. happy fall! 


Diana said...

Yay! So glad it went well for all of you!

Kristin said...

Awww what a gorgeous little pre-schooler! Where are you taking her? I want to find somewhere to start taking Kenley for the same reason and am starting to research options for maybe this winter or next summer.

~Dawn~ said...

She looks so pretty in that dress. I'm SO happy to hear it went well. You just never know at that age. Good job Azalea :)))

Lisa said...

Hooray Azalea! Sounds like a wonderful first day full of fun!
P.S. The family photo with Ashford's grumpy face...oh my gosh- that is too cute!

Britni said...

Shes looks so pretty and grown up.

Glad she enjoyed school!

Sarah said...

YAY for preschool!! So exciting!


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