Monday, August 18, 2014

the unblogged-abouts

it seems like every one is playing catch up on their blogs these days, including me. summer is winding down and it's weird to think that soon it will start to get cold again and we'll have all the time in the world to sit in front of our computers and recap our lives. or something...ha. there's been some fun happenings around here that i haven't blogged about yet, so here we go: 

birthday parties

we've celebrated so many birthdays in the last month (which thrills azalea to no end...)! first was my nephew jack who turned 7. i can't believe he is that old already! he was born a couple months after we got married. his family moved just a couple days before his birthday at the end of july, so we got to check out their new house as well, which was fun. 

my dad turned 59 at the beginning of august. i know i updated you on him recently, but one thing that has changed is he and his doctor are now suspecting that the lung tumor growth that showed up in his last scan was most likely from the weeks before he started this new treatment. of course we don't want the tumor to grow at all, but it's sort of comforting to know that this drug he is on is probably working better than we initially gave it credit for. it made me so happy to see my dad celebrate another birthday. 

our friends sara and wes's little girl lydia turned 1 this past weekend. they threw her a super cute party to celebrate. there were lots of kids and babies there and it was a lot of fun. first birthdays are my favorite because of the cake smashing. lydia was pretty dainty when it came to hers, but it was still fun to watch her :) 

our friends becky and jeromy's little girl linnea turned 3 also this past weekend. she had a 'frozen' themed party at a park picnic shelter. unfortunately it rained for most of the party, but the kids (and adults) still had fun. especially when queen elsa herself made an appearance. way to go becky on making that happen! ;) 

mama and daughter fashion

azalea and i are both enjoying our latest purchases. me this long tassle necklace i got a charming charlie (why had i never been there before?!) and her this elsa dress i picked up on


food truck lunch date

last friday i took the kids downtown to visit thatcher at work. he's been at his new job for almost a year and we've never gone to see his office, so it was way overdue. we decided to grab some lunch and went to check out the food trucks nearby. there were so many choices, it was hard to pick! we sat on the ledge of a big plaza nearby, ate, and watched the city go by. it was such a fun outing! 

i cannot believe it's almost state fair time! bittersweet because i love it, but it also means saying good bye to summer! 


~Dawn~ said...

So much summer fun going on with you guys. So glad to see your dad celebrate another birthday...and queen ELSA at Linnea's party?? Such fun times. It's hard to believe in just a few weeks the kids will be back in school.

Sarah said...

Which food truck did you end up eating at? I've had food from three this summer so far and I've loved it!

henning love said...

oooh i love a good food truck lunch! i always have a tough time deciding what food truck to pick from

Becky said...

Fun post! Fun things going on! I'm so glad you could come celebrate Linnea's birthday with us. We are so lucky to be able to call you friends!

ajs {of MN} said...

avrie would LOVE seeing elsa!!! so cute. I love your new necklace!!


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