Tuesday, August 19, 2014

my parents' daughter

recently - and especially since becoming a parent - i've been thinking a lot about what values, opinions, and habits you adopt from your parents when you become an adult. of course you want your own child to feel exactly the same way you do about things and make the choices you would make, but that's not realistic (or even for the best, in every situation). i thought it would be fun to share some of the things i do/say/think because of the way my parents raised me....and some of the things i do/say/think that i adopted on my own (some of which i'm sure my parents think i'm crazy for - ha).

things my parents taught or showed me that i've continued into adulthood: 

i always pay my credit card, in full, on time every month. no acceptions! 

i always return library books and movies on time to avoid late fees.

i always eat breakfast. mostly because if i wait too long (an hour or so after getting up), i start to feel nauseous. 

i'm a frugal shopper - i rarely buy things (clothes, home decor etc) at full price

i work to live, not live to work

i vote democrat (i'm a bit more liberal than my parents, but i think part of that is the generation i grew up in) 

i always keep on top of dental and doctor check ups  

i value the experience of travel and want to show my kids the world 

i want my kids to go to minneapolis public schools with kids from all different walks of life - because that is the real world 

i never let my gas tank go below 1/4

i rarely go to chain restaurants (with the exception of a few quick casual places with the kids)

things i do that my parents don't do (or didn't do when i was growing up): 

i frequent coffee shops 

i buy organic meat, dairy, and produce (not always, but most of the time) 

i never pay attention to gas prices (i figure if i need gas, i need it, and i'm not gonna obsess over finding the cheapest gas station) 

i love thai food and indian food (we only did chinese/pizza/greek when i was growing up) 

i wear make up (my mom never has, i just taught myself) 

i display a lot of photos around the house (my mom had a couple out here or there, but i have tons)

i re-use my towel for 2-3 days for drying off after showers. for some reason my parents always took a new towel after bathing. i think my mom has an aversion to wet towels hanging in the bathroom? i did it too growing up, but once i was out on my own doing my own laundry....? nope! haha 

i eat dessert every night (sometimes twice a day, let's be honest!). my mom often told us "we don't need dessert every night" or "have some fruit" haha

i get ridiculously excited for christmas. don't get me wrong, i have fond memories of christmas growing up and my parents always made it special for us, but neither of them are that into baking cookies, listening to christmas music non-stop, etc. i pretty much start gearing up after labor day ;) 

i love social media - granted this wasn't around when i was growing up, but i feel like a lot of people's parents have jumped on the facebook (etc) band wagon and mine so have not. which is fine. ha.

this makes me wonder what things my kids will and won't adopt from thatcher and i when they are grown :) what about you? what sorts of things do you do (or not do) as a result of your parents' persuasion? i wanna hear! 


Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

"i wear make up (my mom never has, i just taught myself) " -- same! my mom's a bit of a nature, hippie, tom-boy (which is fantastic) but she also didn't care a bit about make-up. in fact I've had to teach her a thing or two recently. though since I'm still learning myself, it's kind of a blind leading the blind situation. ;)

~Dawn~ said...

I was the only girl out of 4 kids, so the make-up/hair styling has all been learned on my own. haha
My brothers and I are also all DOG people, while my parents were total CAT people when we were growing up.
I love this post, Melissa :)

Jamie said...

It is amazing how much we get from our parents- consciously and subconsciously.

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

I think the biggest thing I do that my parents never did is vote. I think my mom has once in her life. I vote every time. Even for the "boring" elections!

This was a great post to read!

JJ said...

this was a really fun post. I love hearing the differences. I'm sure you remember growing up saying "I'm not going to do that, or I'm not going to be like you at all". I'm more like my mother than I care to admit. ha!

Rachel said...

I love this post especially the part about eating dessert every night :)
I would have so much laundry to do if I washed things after every use like my mom!

ajs {of MN} said...

I wish i was able to be creative and post great things like you, your posts are so fun!! I love this.... the gas one SO true... you need it so fill up- however, I fill up almost always with the light on. I HATE stopping for gas! its so annoying to me ;) lol

Brittany said...

My mom has blank walls. White and with nothing on them throughout the whole house. It has always driven me so crazy. My room is full of color and pictures and decorations galore and I can't wait to do the same with mine and Jamal's new place!


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