Tuesday, July 22, 2014

twins game, family bbq, new sunday nights

weekend recap on a tuesday...better late than never, right?! we had a great weekend and i actually have lots of pictures to share. :) friday thatcher finally went to work after being home sick all week. poor guy. i'm so glad he's feeling better now! the kids and i visited jean (their old daycare lady) in the morning. it was so nice to see her and the kids that are still there. jean couldn't believe how much ashford has grown in the last 2 months. i'm sure we'll be back there again to visit in the future! friday night we got chipotle for dinner and thatcher and i watched a movie after the kids went to bed. i'm sure i slept through most of it per usual. ha!

saturday we hung out at home most of the day. ashford and i took a nice walk to the grocery store and the library in the afternoon. i love being able to 'walk' errands in the summer. in the evening we headed to thatchers' parents' to celebrate his dad's birthday (which was actually back on the 8th). we grilled hotdogs and had carrot cake for dinner. it was a fun night, but i forgot to take any pictures. oops!

sunday morning we all went on some errands and then thatcher and azalea headed to the twins game in the afternoon. we had 2 sets of tickets from my boss. azalea and i used the first set back in june, so it was thatcher's turn to go with her this time. 

she had fun, but they only stayed about an hour and a half because she got bored after she polished off her ice cream. ha! i'm glad they got to have a little daddy-daughter date, though!

in the evening, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a bbq. my other aunt shari was in town from georgia and 2 of her friends from growing up joined us as well. it was such a nice night out on their deck. we had steak and chicken kabobs for dinner and just hung out. thanks for some of these photos, jenna




in a surprising turn of events, azalea decided she wanted to go out on their paddle boat. i told myself it probably wouldn't happen and she would demand to get off before leaving the shore, but my big girl proved me wrong! she happily wore a life jacket and went out on the paddle boat with thatcher and my cousins jenna and austin. her only complaint was that she couldn't reach the pedals to help! i couldn't believe it! if you've read my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that she is almost always scared of things like this. i was so proud of her!

that night i had a realization about my new work schedule. and i hesitate to share it because i don't want to come off as being insensitive to my mom friends who have no option other than working full time...but i realized that i no longer get that "sunday night dread" feeling. instead, i'm excited for a new week to start that includes a couple fulfilling days of work and adult interaction, and plenty of time with the kids. i guess all i'm trying to say is i feel so lucky to have this opportunity, it's really making my life feel more balanced. and i want to remember that.


~Dawn~ said...

Ugh, I hate that Sunday night dread....I am never ready for the weekends to be over. haha I'm so happy that you don't have that anymore...and can enjoy those sweeties of yours.

What an awesome surprise from Azalea...she looks to be loving that paddle boat ride...maybe she's turning over a new leaf???

Alison Bents said...

The Sunday-Night-Dread, no kidding! I had no idea that would be some completely awful and it has pretty much blindsided me. I'm so glad you've gotten the chance to find such wonderful balance!

Sarah said...

I might be one of the few but I rarely have those sunday night dreads. So glad this part time working is working out so well for you!

Becky said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Your work arrangement sounds so wonderful. I am beyond jealous, but so happy for you!!

Pam H (HawleyVille) said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. I know how disheartening and scary those "options" conversations can be for your dad and your family, but it sounds like he is going strong and fighting the good fight. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers and will be back to visit again!

ajs {of MN} said...

sounds like you have such a great schedule going for yourself!!


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