Friday, July 18, 2014

azalea says...

"mama, i went potty!"
"oh good!"
"no's not's just fine"

"no, i'm fine. i'm just full" for a while this was the answer she would give you if you asked her if she wanted to do something...even if it wasn't related to eating. ha!

"chester, do you want a cracker?" offering dog food to chester, the dog we were watching.

"i'm gonna be a butterfly when i grow up!"

me: "azalea, today is independence day and tonight we are gonna go to the roof of mama's work and watch fireworks"
azalea: "are we gonna use a ladder?"

pointing to sand in one of the fish tanks at the zoo:
"look mama, it's snow!"

whenever she hears a word that she doesn't know: "what is (enter word) called?" :)

driving by the lake and she sees the algae on top "mama, there's sand on the lake!" 

anytime we are in the car: 

"mama!! that's not a green light!" (when i make a right turn on red)

"mama, where's that car going?" about every car on the road. ha! 


~Dawn~ said...

I want to be a butterfly when I grow up, too!! :) hehe

These are so cute...

Sarah said...

I love toddler talk!

Brittany said...

I love that she pays attention to the light colors and tells you you shouldn't go.

ajs {of MN} said...

age three is the best backseat driver! ;)


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