Monday, June 16, 2014

thatcher's birthday, uptown bike race, father's day

happy monday! let's back things up a bit. the second week of june is always crazy for us. to give you an idea: our 7th anniversary, thatcher's birthday, my brother's birthday, and father's day  - all in one week. whew! this was the first year we didn't really "do" anything for our anniversary. we just had a normal monday night at home with the kids....made tacos and then ate dessert after they went to bed. :) oh, and we spent a good deal of time on the phone with the pediatrician's office because azalea's foot swelled up huge from a big bite. so, basically it was super romantic! i always take a picture of us on our anniversary, but i didn't this year. i might still cheat and take one late. 

thursday was thatcher's 32nd birthday and that was pretty low key as well. his parents and our nephew jack came over for dinner, cake, and presents. thatcher made home made pizza and delicious chocolate cake! it was a nice night. 

 cousin dance party

the kids needed to "help" him blow out the candles...also, note azalea's attire. ha! 

friday night we went to the nature valley grand prix bike race in uptown. it is hands down one of my favorite local events of the summer. there's a men's race and a women's race they they go around a course set up on the streets of uptown at crazy fast speeds. it's so cool to watch! azalea loved it again this year and ashford was happy being carried around in the ergo and actually slept for quite a while, which was nice. my parents were there as well as thatcher's parents. the weather was perfect! 

saturday morning we ran errands, then stopped at culver's for lunch. typical :) it was crazy windy and rainy all day. a perfect day for napping, so that's how we spent a good chunk of the afternoon. then we went outside to see all the big branches that had fallen. in the evening, we borrowed 'the little mermaid' from our neighbors to watch with azalea. so far the only other disney movie she's seen is 'frozen'. she calls it 'mermaid' and seemed to like it, but she's never too enthusiastic the first time she watches something new.

sunday we ran errands again and got ready to have our parents over for dinner for father's day. we also had a tough day disciplining azalea. she is really struggling with controlling her emotions and making good choices lately and thatcher and i are about at our wits end with it. maybe i'll write a post about it some time, but i was in a pretty sour mood all day (weekend, for that matter) because of it. both sets of grandparents came over in the evening and it turned my mood around 180 degrees. we had a great dinner, azalea was (mostly) well-behaved, ashford was happy and even napped while we ate. and we managed to capture some great family pictures out front. i feel so lucky to call these people my family.

first father's day with two kiddos! 

my dad and me....i have no words to express how amazed and thankful i am to get to celebrate another father's day with him. 

three generations of i------ men :) 

my family, my life


Katie said...

We had tons of branches down in our yard too, I couldn't believe the wind!

~Dawn~ said...

Happy Father's Day AND Birthday to Thatcher! :)

Your dad looks happy you were able to have another year with him! ;)

Sarah said...

YAY for a great Father's day! So happy you have another year with your dad. How is he doing anyway? He looks great!

Becky said...

Looks like a great weekend! What a blessing to have time with your whole family - especially your dad. He looks great.
I want to go to that bike race some time! It looks so fun.
I hear you about sour toddler attitudes. Sometimes it can affect everything. Glad to hear the weekend ended on a high note!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary. I love that last picture of everyone!

ajs {of MN} said...

great fathers day pic of your dad and you! :)


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