Monday, June 9, 2014

odds and ends

before i get to my weekend recap i want to share some things that i've been meaning to blog about for the last week: 

- last wednesday i attended the funeral for molly who tragically passed away almost 2 weeks ago. it was a heart wrenching funeral, but it was also filled with so much love, hope, and support. three of her best friends did a eulogy (that they all bawled through, as did everyone else) and then her husband got up and delivered a eulogy while keeping total composure. he even shared funny stories from their early dating days. i don't know how he was able to find the strength, but it was amazing. i still can't believe she was taken from this earth so suddenly. her family learned last week that the autopsy came back inconclusive. the medical examiner ruled out an aneurysm, any sort of blood clot, and a few other things, but beyond that they could not determine the cause of death. unbelievable for that to happen to such a seemingly healthy, young person! and so hard for the family to not have closure. fox 9 did a feature story on her that you can watch here: 

- i'm 4 weeks into my new work schedule (already?!) and it's been great so far. it's so nice only having to get out of the house by 7:15am two days/wk. i also have the appreciation for both sides of the working mom fence. it comes down to this: whether you work outside the home or stay home with your kids, there's never enough time in the day to get everything done that you need to. we've been spending lots of time at the minneapolis parks (kenny, lynnhurst, pershing, and theo wirth so far), as well as the lakes (harriet, calhoun) and some coffee shops. we are looking forward to the wading pools opening this week! so glad we live in a city where there are so many fun & free (!) options for kids.

- we recently purchased a new (to us) double stroller from one of lauren's nanny families. i was sort of anti double stroller when i was pregnant for a few reasons. i hate how big they are, especially when we have a car with a small trunk and i felt like azalea was at the end of needing a stroller, so we didn't buy one. fast forward 5 months and countless tantrums from azalea about wanting to ride in the single stroller that of course only fits her brother, i started to change my tune. when lauren told me the style of stroller they were selling, it sounded perfect. it's sort of in between a single and double stroller. it has a platform and a bench seat in the back that is perfect for a kid azalea's age....and it easily fits in our trunk! i'm so happy we bought it! it's in perfect condition. 


Kristin said...

What a heartbreaking story! I just cannot imagine! In happier news....yay for a new work schedule and AMEN to never having enough time in the day! We need to set up a park play date!

Britni said...

That is sooo heartbreaking, I couldn't imagine.

I'm so jealous of your new work schedule!

~Dawn~ said...

Such a heart wrenching story :( Especially not having that closure and knowing exactly the cause of her sudden death.

That stroller rocks.

Lisa said...

What a heartbreaking situation for Molly's family. I am in tears. I cannot even imagine that pain. Praying for them!

Sarah said...

So sad. I'm still thinking of Molly and her family. Ugh.


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