Monday, June 2, 2014

gone too soon, triplet birthday party, a dance recital

friday i was off work with the kids, we had a great morning at lake calhoun playing at the park and wading in the water. 

that afternoon, i learned some terrible, shocking news. a girl who grew up on the next street over and went to the same schools as me (2 years older) died suddenly on thursday night of a (suspected) pulmonary embolism 2 weeks after giving birth to her first baby. i was in complete shock! she was a beautiful, young, healthy woman in the prime of her life and suddenly her husband and 2 week old are facing the rest of their lives without her. it's absolutely devastating. i hadn't seen her in at least 5 years, and we were not close friends, but i knew her for many years and always looked up to her. the whole situation is so sad and upsetting. i couldn't shake it from my thoughts all weekend, i found myself feeling guilty for laughing and snuggling with my babies when she will never be able to do that again. it all feels so unfair. a fund has been set up to help with funeral costs and her daughter's future education, if anyone feels compelled to donate.

saturday morning we had a first birthday party for my friend mollie's triplets. i can't believe they are already a year old - it feels like just yesterday i was visiting them in the special care nursery at the hospital. wow! the party was super fun. i think i speak for everyone when i say the best part of any first birthday is watching the birthday kid smash their cake and eat it - now just imagine watching 3 kids do it at once. so adorable! as a side note, the mom of the girl who passed away worked at mollie's dad's portrait studio for many years, so they knew her well too.  

we didn't do much the rest of the day we had two other party invites in the evening, but decided to just stay in. we ordered chinese for dinner, chatted with the neighbors, then thatcher headed out to a friend's after the kids went to bed and i relaxed on the couch, which was much-needed. 

sunday morning we hung out at home. in the afternoon i went to my friend kelli's 27th annual dance recital. yep, you read that right! she has been dancing since she was 3. i danced too for a few years in there, but most of those recitals i was in the audience. afterwards, thatcher and the kids met up with kelli, her parents, her boyfriend jake and me at pizza luce. it was a weird time for a meal (3pm), but who turns down pizza luce? :) in the evening, thatcher took azalea for a bike ride in the trailer and ashford and i hung out and got ready for the week ahead. 


~Dawn~ said...

How devastating about your friend. My thoughts are with them.

Such cute triplets..and a cute party!!

I totally recognize that pink stripe dress Azalea is was one of my girls' favorites! :)

Kelly B. said...

ugh, I'm so sorry about your friend. Whether you had seen her yesterday or not for 5 years- these types of things have a way of rattling you. I understand. Have you read Two Kisses for Maddie? by Matt Logelin? His wife was from MN. She passed away from a pulmonary embelism as well.. about 36 hours after birth. It may help her husband, at some point, to read that. Also he started the Liz Logelin Foundation- offers support to widowers.

Leah said...

I saw your post on Facebook and spent some time on Saturday night thinking about how short life is, then I lectured John because he works too much and life isn't about working 100 hours a week! There's so much more. That's so sad about your friend. My heart breaks for their family. :(

Sarah said...

:( so scary and sad to hear about your friend. many many prayers for her family.

i hope we see you on thursday!

Sarah said...

I've been thinking about Molly all weekend too. Such a shock and so scary!


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