Tuesday, June 10, 2014

azalea's first twins game, rainy saturday, movie date

hello tuesday! here is my weekend recap :) 

friday the kids and i did our new routine of hitting up a park in the morning (pershing), then met up with diana and her sweet little 3 week old daughter greta at the edina art fair. we got there right when it started and it was already packed. it was a gorgeous day. we only lasted about an hour in the crowds with our 2 strollers. haha. after that, we all grabbed lunch at lola pizzeria. it was nice to catch up and so fun to meet miss greta. looking forward to lots more dates with them during her maternity leave! 

that night i took azalea to her very first twins game with free tickets i had from work. thatcher stayed with ashford. thatcher remarked "look at us reversing the traditional gender roles." ha! as soon as azalea and i got to the stadium, dark clouds formed above and they announced there would be a rain delay. bummer! 

we managed to have fun passing the time. we took selfies in our seats (that were just barely covered by an overhang, keeping us mostly dry), 

visited the bathrooms a couple times (ha), and got gelato.

 the game finally started around 8:20 (which was when i was originally planning to leave), but we stayed another half hour so she could see some actual baseball :) i have to say...taking a 3 year old to a baseball game for the first time is pretty much the cutest thing ever! she was so thrilled with the whole experience. jumping up and down, squealing and clapping with the crowd. totally priceless! i'm so glad i could take her. 

saturday was a rainy, lazy day. thatcher took azalea to the doctor because she's had a rash for a while that we thought might be eczema and they confirmed it is. glad it's not anything worse. ashford and i hung out at home and took a couple morning cat naps because he thought 5:20am was a good time to start the day. oof! we ran some errands in the afternoon and then we all went to our neighbors rob and dave's house across the street after dinner to join them and some of their friends on the deck. the sun even came out - just in time for it to set. after the kids were in bed, thatcher went to a party thrown by one of his co-workers and i relaxed at home. 

sunday morning we ran some errands and hung out at home. in the afternoon, i went to see "the fault in our stars" with my cousin jenna. 

it was the first movie i've seen in the theater in a long time and it did not disappoint. i read the book a few months ago and loved it, so i was really looking forward to seeing the movie. i thought it was really well done. i had no tears left in me by the end of the movie. none. haha. go see it! in the evening, thatcher had a birthday dinner for a friend, so the kids and i crashed my parents' house for dinner :) i'm so thankful they let us drop by anytime to eat with them and hang out.  


Sarah said...

So glad you guys had a great time at the Twins Game! We're still not brave enough to take Aubrey but you give me faith that she'd probably be okay at a game ;)

Brittany said...

Azalea looks so cute in her twins gear!

~Dawn~ said...

Awww, what a fun mama/daughter date.

Durant Imboden said...

I think Ashford (a.k.a. "My Baby Brother") is going to be a wrestler someday. He had me pinned to the sofa for an hour and a quarter this afternoon.

ajs {of MN} said...

I miss and love movies in the theater!! thats so cute, you and az at the twins game. what a fun mom/daughter date! :)


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