Wednesday, June 4, 2014

azalea says...

it's time for another installment of cute azalea-isms:

"can i have a graham crapper?"

me: "azalea, are you going to finish your eggs?"
azalea: "it's kinda tricky!"

in the car: 
"mama, do you want some banana ice cream?"
me "ummm sure?"
azalea: "ok, do you want sprinkles on it?" 
me: "sure, thanks!" 
*makes noise like she's putting sprinkles on something* 

handing me 2 color options
"mama, you want the pink one?" 
"no, you no like the pink one. you like the purple one!" she does this all the time

she knows what kind of car every one has and when we are driving, she always yells out "that's _______'s car!"  

comes up to me at our friends' house while i'm trying to have a conversation
"what is it?" 
 (whiiiiny voice) "i wanna go to the dentistttttttt" (she's never been to the dentist) 

she sees a guy rollerblading around the lake: 
"mama, look at that scooter! that's silly!"

me: azalea, put the dvds back in the cabinet right now!
azalea: "it's gonna be okay, mama! it's gonna be okay!" (this is her response any time i tell her not to do something. what a stinker!)

every time "burn" by ellie goulding comes on the radio
"mama, that's a girl singing!" (every time and only for this song!) 

she pronounces tortillas as "torta-tias" 


~Dawn~ said...

hahahah love these. It's okay's going to be okay!! So cute!

Bridget said...

This cracks me up! I look forward to the days that Turner is saying some pretty funny things!

Sarah said...

Hehe! She's too cute!

Brittany said...

so cute! I love the torta tias one and the everything is going to be okay. Too funny.

ajs {of MN} said...

the dentist thing is funny seeing that avrie is for no reason explained terrified of the dentist!!! i love these posts.


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