Friday, May 16, 2014

baby #2: one year ago

i can't believe it's been a whole year since we found out we were expecting ashford! if you are thinking it's a bit later than the typical one year mark for finding out about a pregnancy, you are correct! i thought i was about 5 weeks along when we found out, but learned halfway through my pregnancy that i was 3 weeks further along than originally thought. how does that happen, you ask? 

1. irregular cycles. the doctor based my due date off my last period, but it clearly was not accurate. 

2. no early ultra sound. with azalea, we had an ultra sound at our 8 week appointment to verify the due date. this time, she asked if we wanted to try to hear the heart beat from the outside and i said "sure!" .....not realizing that they wouldn't also do an ultra sound after we heard it. womp womp. 

so i went through the first half of my pregnancy feeling like everything was happening really early...not to mention feeling huge! that was until my first ultra sound where the tech declared "um, you are not 19 weeks, you are at least 22!" haha. thankfully my boy came out perfectly healthy.

it's been almost 5 months since this little man came into our lives and i can't imagine life without him! 


Lee & Laura said...

Isnt that funny?!?!?! They did the opposite with me they pushed my due date out two weeks after an early ultrasound but I always measured two weeks ahead after that..then he came exactly two weeks early and they looked at him and said he looks full term. bahahha They come when they are ready:)

Sarah said...

Holy moly! A year already?! Where does time go?

ajs {of MN} said...

that is still SO crazy how far along you were from what you originally thought! :)


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