Friday, May 23, 2014

a litle q&a with thatcher

i've been reading these posts on a bunch of other blogs lately and they always crack me up, so asked thatcher to humor me and play along the other night...

what is the name of my blog?
isn't it just melissa and thatcher blogspot? (haha, he doesn't know the actual name? nice...) 

what do I typically write about?
your life

what's a popular fashion item for women right now?
i would say....belts and sunglasses and...clothes. i don't know?! can i say mock turtle necks? :) 

 what's the best place to shop for women?
 like for clothes or what? oh...etsy! this guy knows what's up. 

  what do you know about pinterest?
 i don't get it. you can pin things. you can put pictures up and get ideas. it seems like people just use it to put pictures instagram (ok?)

what do you and I like to do together?
we like to sleep...when we get to. you like to fall asleep to movies while i watch them. we like to explore new cities on vacation. go on dates that we never get to go on any more. we like to be a bad influence on each other when it comes to eating sweets. 

 am I good at staying on a budget?
 i think you are good at keeping to your own budget. (????) like you decide an amount to spend on something and then keep to it. i'm bad at keeping to a budget, so i'm no better. 

 what do women keep in their purse?
 too much shit...phones and ipods and all sorts of feminine products such as make up or "women products". keys. things for every disaster. if big purses are in, things like umbrellas, pictures of their kids. tic tacs, gum, probably a lot of stuff like broken cheddar bunnies, wet wipes. way too many hair bands for themselves and their kids. receipts. (this one made me laugh so hard!) 

 what do I do when I'm home alone?
 probably take a might be productive. actually you probably write a blog post or something else not highly productive. you probably do laundry. 

 what do you do when you're home alone?
 i don't know, i'm rarely at home alone. i work on the basement. i mow the lawn, do yard work, anything other than napping or using the computer. oh baking should also be in there! 

 what is your favorite thing about me?
when you don't ask me a bunch of questions to post on the internet. (touche) when you are silly. you are a good travel buddy. you put up with my shit. 

 least favorite?
 you worry too much, sometimes you aren't the best with going with the flow. i hope you aren't mad i said those. (i'm not, guilty as charged)  

 what's my favorite accessory?
 the earrings that you have in. (he's right by default - i rarely ever change my earrings. ha) 

   what's an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
how long do they last? i'd say $20 (this surprised me. i only have one make up item i buy that costs more than $7-8).

 what are my hobbies?
blogging, hanging out with blogger girls, drinking coffee. who has time for hobbies these days? 

 what jewelry do I wear every day?
same earrings and your wedding ring (then he told me he doesn't consider it jewelry because it's worn all the time - weirdo!) 

 what's my favorite tv show?
 you don't really watch tv....maybe friends?

 how excited were you when you found out we were having a girl?
 i don't really remember. when i found out you were pregnant it was a mixture of "oh shit" and "oh good!" 

 what's your favorite thing about being a dad?
 it's pretty cool to think azalea is a mini me, her personality. teaching her to bake....she is starting to know all the ingredients. seeing her learn. 

 how many more kids would you like to have?
zero! (we are in agreement on this one) 

  anything else you'd like to share?
tell them i was scrubbing the kitchen sink and the floor while answering these questions. (there ya go!) 


Sarah said...

Hehe. I love these. I need to ask Micah these questions!

~Dawn~ said...

BAHAHAHHAHA I wish I would have seen this before Saturday...I could have given him so much crap! LOVE IT!

ajs {of MN} said...

so funny!!! did you ask and write them or did he email them to you, those were some really fun & great answers! :)

Dannie said...

LMFAO this made me laugh soooo hard. hahhahaha thatcher is a crazy cat. the purse thing is so true though. bahahahahha hugs to you guys!!!


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