Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on friday

i'm becoming a big fan of 5 on friday posts....who doesn't like a good brain dump post? :)

1. my parents came home from florida on wednesday and we are so excited to have them back. they were less than thrilled with the weather, but getting to see their cute grandkids softens the blow. they could not get over how much ashford has changed in the last (almost) 2 months. we skyped with them a lot while they were gone, but seeing them in person is much better! also, if you think of it....can you keep my dad in your thoughts/prayers? he is having a routine pet scan next monday and we are hopeful that has tumors have not grown or spread. he won't find out until next thursday. thank you!

2. i recently started following full_house_moments_ on instagram and it's pretty much the best account ever. i laugh every time i see one of the posts because i remember every episode from that show, and therefore every picture rings a bell. awesome, right? 

3. this song has been in my head a lot lately, and i don't mind because it's a good one and always puts me in a good mood! 

4. i have an easter candy addiction. i bought a bag of jelly beans before easter and polished those off. then i got a little bag of goodies from a co-worker, have been "borrowing" azalea's candy from the easter bunny, and yet i still felt the need to buy another bag of (clearance) jelly beans at target this week. i might need an intervention :) 

5. we have a pretty busy weekend coming up. saturday morning we are going to the opening of the new walker library in uptown, saturday night azalea and i are going out for dinner at buca to celebrate our friend karen's birthday, and sunday morning ashford and i are having coffee with our friend carolina. hope you have a great weekend!


~Dawn~ said...

OMG, I'm totally going to have to check out the Full House IG account. Love that show. My girls watch it on Netflix sometimes..and it really brings me back. haha

Will be sending lots of prayers your dad's way! Keep us posted!

Sarah said...

I think about you, your dad and your family often! Hoping for around round of good news!

Becky said...

Sending good thoughts to your dad...and your family! Totally following the Full House Instagram. Have we talked about my level of obsession with the show?? It was off. the. charts.

Syndal said...

omg I am totally going to check out that IG account!

also- I think about you and your dad often. hope the PET is good!!

Leah D said...

I love Paramore and am also addicted to Easter Candy.

Kelly B. said...

was just thinking about your dad the other day- hoping for good news!

ajs {of MN} said...

hoping your family rcvs good news for your dad!

i am now a follower of the full house acct on IG... haha avrie and i watch a lot of the reruns around dinner time each night if aaron is not yet home from work. haha!

Carol said...

Always difficult to wait for the Dr. reports---I hope that your dad receives good news!


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