Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on friday

i thought i'd partake in a little 5 on friday action today. 

1. it's hard to believe that a week ago today it snowed over half a foot and in a matter of a couple days it all melted! i can't wait for warmer weather and fun summer activities! 

2. thatcher returns tonight from a work trip to dallas for a conference. i've (almost) survived solo parenting 2 little ones for 3 days. i really can't complain too much, though. my in-laws took care of them a lot this week and i worked 2 of the 3 days. wednesday i was home with the kids and had azalea's 3 year check up in the morning and a teeth cleaning for me in the afternoon (my aunt came to watch the kids). my brother came over that evening and then azalea slept at grandma and grandpa's that night. last night our friends sarah and aubrey came over for pizza and playtime. it was a fun night! one more evening for me to hold down the fort! :) 

3. i made my first quinoa salad last weekend (yay for lunch for the whole week!). it was a southwestern one with black beans, corn, and red pepper, and topped with avocado (yum!). the dressing was olive oil, lime, cumin, and chili powder. it was delicious! i think i'm going to make a mediterranean one next! what is your favorite way to eat quinoa?  

4. this weekend i have a brunch date with my friends anna and michelle at sun street breads. i've never been there before, but i've always wanted to go. it looks really good! have you been there? 

5. i had a mini panic attack this morning when i went to pump and it wouldn't turn on. i checked the wall plug - looked fine, tried turning it on again...and nothing! i even tried a different outlet. then i looked and realized the plug was attached to the wall....but not the pump! i'm so smart! happy friday! 


Sarah said...

SO fun to see you guys last night and play. Aubrey kept saying, I like Azalea! :)

Leah D said...

Oh, that salad looks amazing! Happy Friday!

Katie said...

I love Sun Street Breads! Its right down the street from my yoga studio so I stop in there all the time!

Lisa said...

I love quinoa! I will have to try the southwestern salad because it sounds so tasty! And it looks beautiful with the avocado on top!


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