Wednesday, March 12, 2014

play group, baby shower, uncle anders in town, childen's museum

this started off as a weekend update, but time has gotten away from me, so now it's just an update :) ps. it's my last week of maternity leave. i have so many thoughts i want to remember/share about this. hoping i get the chance to write them out this week. 

last saturday ashford and i went to a metro moms play group. the group was started by a girl that i went to high school with and the moms and babies meet up at a different person's house a couple times a month. this is the second one that we've attended and they are really fun! this one was the biggest ever - 11 babies there! ashford is the youngest :) check out the group pic!

sunday ashford and i went to a baby shower for my friend diana. she is expecting a little girl in may. the shower was decorated so cute and the food was awesome! i didn't know anyone else there, but some of the girls offered to hold ashford while i ate, which was super nice. can't wait to meet diana's little one!  

thatcher's brother is in town for 3 weeks! he is currently going to school in germany and has been gone since september, so this was his first chance to meet ashford! azalea has been excited to have him around too! we skype with him sometimes, but it's just not the same. he will be here for azalea's 3rd birthday, which is fun!

today i took both kids, by myself, on our first outing that wasn't to some one's house or church (my "safe" places. haha). we met up with our friends carolina and naomi at the children's museum. it was chaotic there, per usual, but the girls had fun and ashford was mostly happy in the ergo, so i'm calling it a success. 


Brittany said...

oh I bet it is nice to see your brother in law, and great that he will be around for Azaleas birthday.

Katie said...

So this is funny…I LOVE the name Anders for a boy, but for some reason Mark is totally against it. Ugh! Congrats on a successful outing, I can't even think about leaving the house with one baby yet!

~Dawn~ said...

Ahhh....look at all those babies. SO CUTE!!

ajs {of MN} said...

what a FUN baby group!!

you are a ROCKSTAR going to a NON-safe place BY YOURSELF w/ TWO kids... :D

Leah D said...

I like that you call them your "safe places." I have those, too.


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