Thursday, March 6, 2014

florida part 2

friday was my brother's day to leave, so ashford, thatcher and i took him to the airport and my parents stayed with azalea. we drove up to st. pete where we had lunch outside by the waterfront. i had a shrimp blt wrap. yummo! it was gorgeous out and ashford slept the whole time! 

after that, we dropped my brother off at the airport in tampa, then headed to st. pete beach for a little bit. it was pretty windy, but still nice to put our feet in the sand.

next we headed to downtown sarasota, where we walked around and i got frozen yogurt - because I feel the need to eat ice cream every day on vacation :) finally we headed back to the condo for dinner. my parents had a great day with azalea. they took her to the jetty, a playground, and a park.

saturday morning we played with bubbles outside for a bit. i am in love with this picture of my big girl!

then we all headed to downtown venice. there was an art fair going on, so i pushed my mom around while wearing ashford in the ergo carrier. my workout for the day :) my dad, thatcher, and azalea went to the playground and then the little splash pad in the center of downtown. it was such a gorgeous morning. 

we picked up the best fish tacos and went home for lunch...and naps, of course! i even snuck away for a half hour to sit by the pool. it was heaven! we took another trip to nokomis groves, then everyone headed to the pool. we found some water wings for azalea and she loved floating around the pool all by herself. 

my parents offered to watch the kids so thatcher and i could go out for dinner. i was worried about leaving ashford again since he refused he bottle before, but we went anyway. we had a great evening at a thai place we love, then drove around the island for a bit. sure enough, when we got home, he hadn't drank the bottle at all, but was asleep in my dad's arms. little stinker! we have our work cut out for us before i go back to work in less than 2 weeks!

sunday morning we headed to casperson beach. it's the most beautiful rustic beach! because there are so many rocks along the edge of the water, there aren't really any waves. azalea likes it much better! we hung out there for a couple hours, making sand castles, wading in the water and just enjoying the scenery. 

the best we can do for a family picture these days :) 

we went back to the condo for lunch and naps and then headed to the pool once again. the rest of the night we just relaxed at home.

monday was our last full day. we drove back up to sarasota to marina jack park, and azalea played on the playground there. I love this park!

 then we headed back to the condo for lunch, naps, and our last dip in the pool. we ordered pizza for dinner and then our friends fred and jen stopped over with their 2 kids max and kat for a little dessert. azalea loved getting to play with a big girl and kat was so good with her :)

our last day was all travel. an hour drive to the airport, then the 3 hour flight home. they kids did pretty well again. ashford was a little fussy at the airport because he was awake in the ergo, which is not his favorite. azalea was really good on the flight until we arrived and had to wait for the 22 rows of people ahead of us to exit the plane. she had a little freak out. haha. but we all survived! now....where's spring?!! 


Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

The picture of Azalea with the bubbles and the fountain are frame-worthy. So cute and fun!

Looks like you guys had a great trip and took full advantage of the sun!

~Dawn~ said...

Seriously...when did Azalea become a little GIRL!! She looks like she's grown so much in these photos. What a wonderful (well deserved) vacation for your family!! The beach, the pool, the frozen yogurt and blowing all sounds AMAZING!

Brittany said...

The two pictures of Azalea with the bubbles and at the splash pad are sooooo adorable. Glad that your first family vacation was a success :)

Sarah said...

i want to go to sarasota so bad! i want to move there. even though I've never been. ha ha!

Bridget said...

I love how Ashford is sleeping in all the photos :) Looks like a wonderful vacation. Love the photo of Thatcher & Azalea on the beautiful!

Diana said...

Swimming, napping, and ice cream - sounds like the perfect vacation to me! Hopefully spring will show its warmth in Minnesota one of these days.

Sarah said...

SO jealous of the warmth and sun! Looks like you had an amazing trip with little stress- perfect!

Britni said...

Azalea looks so big in these pictures!

You look amazing, you would never know you just had a baby!!

Glad you guys had a great trip

Meg {henninglove} said...

this is going to be me in two weeks taking my first born to florida by myself for a mini family reunion. your photos are gorgeous and i cant wait to go to the beach. glad you had a great family vacation

ajs {of MN} said...

sounds like you had a wonderful trip. i love the family photo and also the fact that you are able to visit your favorite places year after year! so cool! and i agree about the ... WHERE'S SPRING!?


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