Monday, January 13, 2014

ashford: week 3

i can't believe we are three weeks in already! i don't think there's any time in life that goes faster than maternity leave. wow. it was another week of ups and downs (mostly ups). azalea has been spending a lot of time at daycare because that is how i'm getting through these days. having both of them home with me (while thatcher is at work) is still a little stressful between the amount of time i need to spend nursing ashford and the amount of tantrums azalea likes to throw. haha. rumor has it i'll have to master being a mom of 2 at some point? ;)

 snuggles with grandma jan


more visits from friends and dinners dropped off. we didn't have to cook for a long time in there. it was so nice! final weight check appointment (yay!), coffee blate (blogger date) and story time at the library, first time attending metro moms group, tagged along to azalea's friend naomi's 3rd birthday party


ashford had a weight check appointment on january 7th when he was 17 days old. he weighed in at 7 lbs, 14 oz. just 2 oz under his birth weight, so the doctor was happy with his growth. thank goodness! she said he doesn't need to come back until his 2 month appointment. such a relief! i hope we are in the clear with least for the near future. 

snuggles with grandpa wayne

hair and eye color: 

no change here....still our little blondie with blue eyes


still fitting into his newborn clothes, although he is about to grow out of one pair of jammies. we have tons of 3 month clothes, but hardly any 0-3....hopefully he can just go into 3 month. all the brands are sized so differently. 


mama is really feeling the effects of not getting good sleep these last few weeks. ashford had been going 2.5-3.5 hours between feedings at night, but now it's more like 2 hours. oof. i think it's because he is a lazier nurser at night, so he doesn't fill himself up as well. we'll have to work on that. i have downloaded so many pointless apps to keep myself awake at night while he nurses. haha. as for naps, he sleeps best when he is in someone's arms (of course), but he does take some naps in the bouncy seat and in his car seat when we are out and about. he is such a light sleeper, though! i feel like every time i walk by him, he opens one eye. haha! 

new friends at metro mamas group


as i mentioned above, feeding seems to be going well. i can get him to go 2-2.5 hours between feedings during the day if he falls asleep, but if he is awake he usually wants to eat after about 1.5 hours. but it's much less frequent than the first week. i also notice he wants to nurse extra in the evening, which i think is pretty common.

coffee blate with lo

most used gear: 

nothing new: bouncy seat during the day and the rock n play at night. 


nursing, being held, looking out the window and at pictures on the wall. chatting with mama ;) 


when i hold him, but don't nurse him, getting his diaper/clothes changed, getting into his car seat (and the car in general, unless he is asleep). 

dawn and alexa came to visit

azalea's adjustment: 

i've been telling people that it's hard to tell if azalea's tantrums are because of ashford being around or unrelated. she's sort of at the age of epic meltdowns anyway. as i mentioned, she goes to jeannie's house most week days (i usually keep her home once per week and then i sort of regret it). haha. in other azalea news, she is finally showing interest in the potty and wearing undies, so we've been doing a little bit of that, but nothing serious yet. because we don't have anything else going on around here, right? haha


Carolyn said...

OK. He is SO STINKING CUTE!!! :) I can't believe that Weston was ever so teeny! HAHA How quickly it goes!

Sarah said...

Yay for 3 weeks! Sounds like things are getting easier and easier every week! That's great!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I love your sweet, snuggly baby. Thank you for sharing him with me. And look at the #jbabyrags photo bombing a few pics. Sweet. ;)

~Dawn~ said...

I miss him already!! He's just the sweetest, Melissa. And so perfectly tiny. I could hold him and stare at him forever.....and so could Alexa. :)

Missy said...

He's adorable. We really want to meet him, but with the holidays and us getting sick and Jean being in the hospital we haven't been able to find the time. Maybe we can sneak in a visit after we get back from FL and before you guys leave. I'm glad to hear things are going better with the nursing. It's hard, but hopefully everything will work our with your little man.

How lucky that you can send Azalea to daycare! Nate was home for 4 weeks after Mallory was born, but after that I was alone pretty much full time with the kids. It was a challenge. I got through it though. It's amazing how one little kid will change so much.

Sally said...

He's just so cute! And I'm pretty sure that just about the time you think you've figured out Azalea's tantrums... she'll stump you with some other behavior!

Enjoy the ride!

ajs {of MN} said...

I am needing to visit baby and youuuuu!!! yah for interest in the potty! :)


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