Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the rest of thanksgiving weekend

friday was a strange day. azalea was up at 6:15am (she is like clockwork lately - oof!). thatcher and i were both feeling under the weather when we woke up. we had planned on driving down to a tree farm in farmington to cut down our tree like we do every year, but decided to postpone that since we weren't feeling great. we spent the morning trying to keep azalea entertained while all both of us wanted to do was go back to sleep. i'll admit i was throwing myself a bit of a pity party. a little after 10am, thatcher and azalea laid down in azalea's bed. i noticed it had been quiet for a while, so i went in there and found them both fast asleep. it was pretty much the answers to my prayers. i went and laid down on the couch and we all slept until 1pm. talk about messing with your sense of time. azalea never naps that early! thatcher and i were feeling refreshed after our nap. i really wanted to get our tree, but still was not feeling up for a 30 minute drive then cutting down a tree, so we went to a tree lot (for the first time ever since we've known each other!) and paid a premium for a pre-cut tree and were home in 20 minutes.

i felt like we cheated on our tradition, but considering neither of us felt well and i am 9 months preggo, i didn't feel too bad. the rest of the day was spent at home, setting up the tree and adding lights. 

we made pizza for dinner and i made thatcher watch "the holiday" after azalea went to sleep :) 

saturday morning azalea slept in a little (6:45 - ha). we had the gas company scheduled to come move our gas meter outside from the basement, so azalea and i went on a little morning date to macy's downtown to see the 8th floor christmas display, "a day in the life of an elf."

it's a bummer that they've repeated this one for the past few years, but it was the first time azalea went, so we had fun. she loved riding the escalators, seeing the display, and of course getting a gingerbread cookie at 9am :) when we got home, we finished decorating the tree. azalea put all of her ornaments at the bottom on top of one another. part of me wanted to fix it, but i ended up just leaving them because it was so darn cute.

i ran a few errands in the afternoon while she napped and then we all headed to our friends becky & jeromy's to attend a tree lighting ceremony in their neighborhood. it was such a nice night (almost 40 degrees). we had fun hanging out with becky, jeromy, their daughter linnea and also our friends jackie and tom, and their son gavin. the kids got to see santa, which didn't go over too well with any of them. haha. azalea sat on my lap for the second year in a row: 

the tree lighting included a christmas carol sing-a-long that the kids thought was pretty exciting. after that, we headed back to becky & jeromy's for some chili and play time. thanks for having us, guys!

funny kiddos!

sunday was a nice quiet end to the weekend. we did some more work on baby brother's room, then ran some errands and got lunch at chipotle. while azalea napped in the afternoon, i got some stuff done around the house. we ran a few more errands when dhe got up, then made spaghetti for dinner and relaxed before the work week ahead. i feel like the next few weeks are gonna fly by! 


Dawn said...

Where do you get your tree in Farmington??? I wish you would have come down - you could have stopped at the Lares house for some warmth and cider!! ;)

Sarah said...

Azalea looks SO tall in the photo with the xmas lights! How did she do at the Macy's 8th floor display? I've been wanting to bring Aubrey but I'm scared she would want to climb into the displays. ha!

Aileen said...

your little family is so cute!

Brittany said...

Didn't Macy's used to change the theme each year?

Lisa said...

What a pretty tree! I bet it smells good! I miss the smell of a real Christmas tree soooo bad! I told Drew that I'm just going to get a real tree to go next to our fake one! LOL I think it's so cute that Azalea put up ornaments all by herself, and I think it's sweet that you left them right where she put them! It makes the tree that much more special. :)

ajs {of MN} said...

sounds like you had a wonderful long holiday weekend! i remember you saying,last year, that you guys go to farmington for your tress soooo when i was driving by there on sat and seeing tons of trees on cars, i thought of you!!

Faith said...

LOVE your Christmas decor, gets me excited to get ours out on Saturday!

looks like a wonderful weekend.


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