Monday, December 9, 2013

sub zero temps, blogger mama lunch, my grandma

it was one cold weekend around here. the temperature barely rose above zero, but that didn't stop us from getting out and having fun! we are minnesotans after all :) my weekend actually began thursday night and is technically still going on. it was sort of an accidental four day weekend. i took friday off because azalea's daycare lady was on vacation and i'm off today instead of wednesday for a doctor appointment. i'll take it! on friday azalea and i ran errands in the morning (i'm almost done with my christmas shopping! woo hoo!), then we both napped in the afternoon. my brother stopped by for a while and hung out with us. he attempted to list some stuff on ebay and his little shadow never left his side: 

once thatcher got home from work, we relaxed, made dinner, and watched a movie after azalea went to sleep. 

saturday morning we were "kicked out" of the house, so thatcher could get some work done on the basement. actually we left by choice because azalea gets upset about the loud noises from the power tools. i took her back downtown to macy's (her third time) this week, but we didn't go to the christmas display this time. i took her to the puppet show they have instead. she saw a puppet show back in august and loved it, so i was excited to take her again. and again, it was a big hit! i'm so glad we learned about it through our friend mike who is one of the puppeteers. after that, we headed to davanni's to meet up with some blogger friends and their kids for lunch. only 4 of us made it, but it was a fun group! we had party room, so the kids could run around and it worked perfectly. 

yes, that is my child screaming her head off for the picture ;) 

azalea and i both took naps when we got home. after dinner, we all headed out to drive around and look at christmas lights in the fancy neighborhoods in our area. (one of my favorite christmas activities!) we ended the night by watching love actually (making my way through all my favs this month). thatcher says "ugh,i don't know how you watch these movies over and over." ha!  

sunday azalea and i went to church to say farewell to one of our pastors who has been there for 11 years. it was a sad service, but we are happy for her and her new congregation she will be serving in northfield. thatcher was working on the basement again in the afternoon, which meant it was too loud for azalea to nap at our house, so i took her to thatcher's parents' to sleep there instead. i left her with them and headed to see my grandma who is very close to leaving us :( i joined my aunt and my grandma's husband at her bedside for over an hour. she was mostly unresponsive. she is on oxygen, hasn't eaten for a couple days, and really starting to fade. it was hard to see her that way, but i have many wonderful memories of her and i'm so thankful i've gotten to have her in my life for 29 years. i'm glad i got to go have that time with her yesterday. when i got home, thatcher went to his parents' to pick up azalea and eat dinner with them, and i had a quiet night at home by myself. 


Diana said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend: Christmas fun with plenty of naps. :-)

Also, sending lots of prayers for your grandma, you, and the rest of your family. :-(

~Dawn~ said...

SO much fun seeing you and Azalea this weekend. When we talked about the Christmas party this coming weekend my girls got super giddy to know Azalea will be coming. They are excited to 'babysit!!' :)

Oh, and thanks for letting me rub your baby bump, even tho I didn't feel the little man kick!

Sending prayers to your family as you say your goodbyes to your Grandma.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I had my grandma for 29 precious years too. Seeing her in her last hours at the nursing home was so hard. She just looked so vulnerable, sad, and nothing like the grandma I knew for so many years prior to that. I hate that we often times need to see those we love so weak before they pass away. I am sorry you're going through that now.

I already commented on Kristin's blog when I first saw the picture of Azalea. That little stinker. Giving her poor mommy a run for her money.

Sarah said...

Oh hun! I had no idea about your grandma. Hugs to you!

So great to see you this weekend! Hopefully we can make it work so I can see you this weekend too!

Mommy Lisa said...

My husband loves "Love Actually" - Hugs about your grandmother.

Carolyn said...

I'm so sad I couldn't make it to the blogger lunch! DANG IT! :(

ajs {of MN} said...

i am still bummed i had to miss Saturday!! :( look at AZ not wanting to smile! haha

looking forward to seeing you guys on saturday, FOR SURE!

also ((hugs)) for you and your grandma, that has to be so hard.

Becky said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, Melissa. Hugs and prayers to you.

Ashlea with an a said...

looks like a absolute blast! Im new to your blog, and excited to follow along!


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