Monday, November 25, 2013

if you are looking for pictures...

this is not the post to read. we had a really fun and productive weekend, but i did not document any of it. oops. :) but i'm still writing a "dear diary" style post because i'm sort of ocd about weekend updates. 

friday night we hung out at home for a while and then thatcher went to a friend's for the rest of the night. once azalea was in bed, i popped in "christmas vacation" and got to work sorting baby clothes that we've accumulated for baby brother: a mixture of azalea's old (gender neutral) clothes, new stuff we've been given, and things i've bought over the last few months. we actually have quite a bit! (especially size 6 mo and smaller). it was a big project, but felt good to get done! 

saturday morning we (ahem, thatcher) got baby brother's crib set up before 8am. haha. then we took a family trip to menards and ikea. we got a dresser for the nursery at ikea (the same one azalea has because it works great as a changing table and a regular dresser later on). we stopped at arby's for lunch and then headed home for nap time. i have to document that azalea was a complete angel all morning while we were out. it's nice to have those reminders when i feel like all i do is complain about her tantrums lately :) during her nap time, i snuck away to attend a house warming party for my friend rachel. we were very good friends for all of our pre-teen and teen years, but haven't been in touch as much as adults with the exception of re-connecting about a year ago. i was really excited she thought of me. her house is only about a mile from me and it was a fixer upper that she completely was so beautiful and fun to see! thatcher assembled the dresser while i was gone. the room is really coming together! i'll have pictures in my bumpdate tomorrow. in the evening, we headed to our friends liz and joe's for a family sleepover ;) we have a tradition of doing this every new years eve, but this year we are gonna be a little busy with a new baby (or waiting anxiously for baby), so we decided to do it this weekend instead. we made home made pizza, played with the kids, and watched a movie after they went to bed. it was a fun, relaxing night! 

sunday morning joe made us ebleskivers (sooo delicious!) and we hung out for a while before heading home. azalea and i took long naps in the afternoon. then i met up with my friend diana at southdale for a little shopping and catch up time. it was fun to hang out with her and i always get more excited than i probably should about toddler-free shopping trips. haha. we ended the night making a new recipe for dinner (paprika chick-peas with spinach, topped with a fried egg) and a movie. 

it's a two day week for me, pretty excited about that!  


Kristin said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Happy Monday {yay short week!}

~Dawn~ said...

Can't wait to see the nursery - sounds like it's really coming together :)

Hooray for a short week!

ajs {of MN} said...

i cant wait to see some baby room pics! ;)

yah for getting all the clothes sorted, i remember how daunting this task was for me and how great it felt to be done with it!


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