Friday, November 1, 2013

happy halloween 2013

hey, it rhymes :) moving on...i'm gonna start with our mini pumpkin carving session wednesday night. knowing that we probably wouldn't have time to carve until then, we were realistic and only got one pumpkin. and that one pumpkin almost didn't even get carved. haha. it was after 7pm by the time we finished dinner and azalea needed a bath and needed to get to bed (after a rough, tantrum-filled day - just keeping it real). so, thatcher quickly cleaned out and carved the pumpkin while she was getting ready for bed and she would run in to check his progress and say "i wanna see the pumpkin" :) we just went with a traditional jack-o-lantern this year. 

i swear my child wears clothes...sometimes...

i worked on halloween this year, but it was a fun day in the office with co-workers who dressed up and a potluck. i didn't plan on dressing up, but my co-worker kate told me i needed to make my belly into a jack-o-lantern with yellow post-it notes, and i couldn't resist :) 

 our potluck had tons of delicious food including this pumpkin dip i made for the first time. so easy and good! 

i sent azalea to daycare with her costume because jean always has a little party for the kids in the afternoon. she was so excited that jean sent her home with a cauldron bucket, a flashlight, and some candy. my parents stopped over when we got home because they are leaving for florida today for 6 weeks. we will miss them! thank goodness for skype!

we spent the rest of the night with our neighbors, and my friend sarah. we took azalea trick or treating to about 8 houses on our block and she seemed to enjoy it. then we came back and made a bonfire in the front yard and roasted hot dogs, smores, and greeted trick or treaters until it started to rain. 

hope you had a fun and safe halloween! 


Sarah said...

What a great Halloween! Azalea is so cute in her outfit! Loved your pumpkin belly too!

ajs {of MN} said...

what a fun halloween night!!

~Dawn~ said...

I love the bonfire! AND your pumpkin belly! ;)


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