Monday, November 11, 2013

500th post and weekend update!

i just noticed this is my 500th post on this blog! wow! i started it back in april of 2010. we were thinking about having a baby and i knew i wanted to blog about my pregnancy. here is my first post. i actually had a livejournal blog before this one  from 2002-2006. olddddd school :) i go back and read those posts occasionally  they are pretty entertaining! i'm so glad i've kept this up. i will be so happy to have all the posts about azalea and little brother in the future.  (i turn my posts into a book each year, which i highly recommend). 

now onto the weekend! friday night we met up with our friends becky, jeromy, and linnea at the low brow for dinner. they wanted to try somewhere new (and kid-friendly), so i immediately thought of this place. it was also thatcher's first time there. azalea and linnea were so funny together, making each other laugh from across the table. a woman even came up and told us her husband thought they were just "the cutest." nice to hear when you are paranoid about how loud they are being, at least it's a loud restaurant.

saturday morning i took azalea to my co-worker mandi's to see her new kitten, winnie! she is only 8 weeks old and the cutest thing ever. azalea enjoyed playing with her (we had to remind her not to throw the toys *at* winnie). haha. winnie was a little scared of azalea, i'm pretty sure. :) in the afternoon, my friend kris stopped by with the crib sheets and valances she made for baby boy's room. so exciting! i'll save our nursery progress from this weekend for my bumpdate later this week. kris and i grabbed lunch at patrick's bakery. yum! after nap time, azalea and i headed to the north metro to visit my friend mollie and her triplet boys. they are 5 months old already, i can't believe it! only two were awake during our visit, but it was fun to see them. in the evening, thatcher and i dropped off azalea at his parents' and then headed to the cedar cultural center to see brett dennen perform. i've been a fan of his for a while, but it was my first time seeing him live. he was a fantastic performer. such a unique voice and quirky personality to go along with it. i loved the show! also, one of the best parts was the fact that it was advertised as "standing room only" but there ended up being quite a few chairs set up around the perimeter, so we got to sit the whole time and could still see the stage really well. preggo win! 

sunday morning i met up with my blog buddy sarah for a little coffee/shopping date. caribou has their holiday drinks available now, which i was so excited about. ho ho mint mochas are my all time fav coffee shop drink. we also went to carter's to look for some good deals on clothes for our kids. i got a few things that i will give to azalea for christmas and a couple things for baby brother as well. it was fun to catch up with her! i spent the afternoon cleaning and relaxing while azalea napped (which almost didn't happen - she was still awake an hour after she laid down and when i went in there, she threw a fit because she did not want to nap, which is so unlike her, but she finally fell asleep. whew!) in the evening, we headed to thatcher's parents' to celebrate his mom's birthday. it was a fun night of pizza and cake, but i was having a million braxton hicks contractions, which was not super fun. so we headed home early. thankfully they slowed down after i laid on the couch for a bit. baby, we can't wait to meet you, but not yet! :) 


~Dawn~ said...

WHOA, this baby is going to be here before you know it!! So exciting.

Looks like a fun concert :) And I can't wait to see the nursery!

Brittany said...

aww kittens and babies this weekend. The best. Excited to see your nursery progress :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i envy you and all of your date nights!!! you are SO lucky to have sitters anytime you want! ;)

ho ho mint mocha, TOTALLY my fav too! yummmmmy!!

i cant wait to see some nursery pics :)

Sarah said...

So great to see you this weekend!!


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