Monday, October 21, 2013

tacos, mill city market, lambs group

friday night we stayed in and made tacos for dinner. azalea was cracking us up because she refused to wear a shirt and she wanted a "real" taco (we usually just give her the insides with a fork and tortilla on the side). 

after she went to bed, thatcher and i watched a movie. i should say - thatcher watched a movie and i fell asleep on the couch, but what else is new? ;) 

saturday morning i woke up at 4:30 am to go the bathroom and couldn't fall back asleep after. baby boy was awake too and moving around like crazy. at 5:00 i gave up and went in the living room to read. finally by 5:30 i was feeling sleepy again and went back to bed until azalea woke up at 6:40. the first real pregnancy insomnia i've had this time around. later in the morning, i dropped azalea off at thatchers' parents and went to meet up with my former boss (current friend), karen. it was chillllly out, but we bundled up. we walked around, chatted, and got pumpkin spice lattes and ham and cheese croissants. yum! it was nice to catch up with her and have a little break from my tiny tantrum thrower. haha. azalea napped in the afternoon and i did some cleaning (i know, i'm shocked i didn't nap after my 4:30 am morning). in the evening, we the fam went to menards to buy a new toilet seat and then to culver's for dinner. super exciting saturday night, huh? haha. then we watched a movie after azalea went to sleep. 

we went with the wolf one....jk ;) 

sunday morning i took azalea to church and lambs group. it was a fun morning hanging out with her little friends and their parents. azalea does pretty well during the church service these days. she is busy climbing on and off her seat the whole time, but she is starting to take an interest in the singing, etc. so that helps. i cleaned while she napped in the afternoon and snuck in a short nap myself. then we all headed to some friends' that we've known for 10 years but hadn't seen in a couple years to hang out and have dinner. scott and cori have 2 girls: celia is 10 and addy is 6. celia was the flower girl in our wedding when she was 3, it's so crazy to think since she's like a little teenager now! azalea had a great time playing with the "big girls" and they were so good with her and thatcher and i got to actually relax with the adults. it was really nice! i'm so glad we could catch up with them. 

azalea has certainly been keeping us on our toes lately. i thought we had seen all that the terrible twos had to offer, but she has been showing us a whole new level of defiance and tantrum throwing in the last week or so. oof, it's mentally exhausting. thankful for new days with fresh starts for all of us. i'm off today to go to the doctor (my doctor also doesn't work on wednesdays like me, so it complicates things). 


~Dawn~ said...

Maybe Azalea is sensing the new changes about to happen in your household?? Hopefully the challenging behavior will subside soon!! cute that she wanted a 'real taco'! ;)

P.S. It's snowing here...SNOWING!

Faith said...

she is too funny eating her real taco! :)

i'm with the person above. i wonder if she knows that big changes are happening so she might as well do it up ;)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

My parents have a similar picture of me, topless in the kitchen and eating cookie dough. I looked a lot like Azalea when I was little. Soooo....your daughter is going to be basically just like me when she grows up. How horrifying is that?? You should have known based on our Applebee's obsession alone.

ajs {of MN} said...

oh my gosh, as much is i KNOW YOUR PAIN... i am happy to see you writing out the EXACT same thing on my mind

"a whole new level of defiance and tantrum throwing in the last week or so. oof, it's mentally exhausting."

seriously... avrie is giving a run for my money, and i am just TIRED... and HOPING it passes and very very soon. this is so new for us and SO not like her- to top that off she wont eat anything but fruits and yogurt, everything is NO NO Noooooooooooooooooo!


sorry, i needed to VENT i guess! ;)

Sarah said...

Oh yes. We've been experiencing the threeager behavior- back talking, telling us no when asking her to do things and ignoring us completely- I almost want tantrums again!


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