Monday, October 14, 2013

fall friend time

friday night we had our friends becky, jeromy, and their daughter linnea over. we ordered pizza and the girls played and entertained us with their dance moves :) after dinner, we took a trip to freestyle yogurt for dessert. so crazy that it was still in the 70's outside! it's sure cooled down now. it was a fun night hanging out with them and especially fun to watch linnea and azalea's little friendship develop.

saturday morning azalea and i went to her last "learning to talk" research study at the u of m (for this year). she was not super into the activities, which made things difficult, but they are used to that with the 2 year old crowd. azalea refused to do one of the activities all together (because the headphones were "scary"), oh well. we got our $ and went on our way ;) she and i both napped in the afternoon, then we stopped by my parents' for a visit. in the evening, we went out to our friends liz, joe, jake (5) and max's (2) for dinner and a bonfire in the backyard. it was a little chilly out, but we wore jackets and gloves and of course the fire kept us warm. the kids had a blast sliding down the slide into a big pile of leaves and of course there was some s'mores action as well. yum! such a fun night!


sunday morning i met up with kelli at caribou for a little catch up time. azalea stayed home with thatcher, so kelli and i could actually...catch up. haha. i got a hot apple blast, which isn't on the menu anymore, but they said they could still make - yum! thatcher was gone all afternoon and i was productive during azalea's nap. i did a bunch of cleaning and then took a little nap myself - the best of both worlds. we all just hung out at home the rest of the day. aside from a couple tantrums azalea was so cute. i had so many moments this weekend where i just stopped and was overcome by how much i love my family: snuggling in our bed in the mornings, when azalea and thatcher bake together and dance around the kitchen, when i put azalea to bed at night and she is so giggly and full of love. my heart is so full and i can't believe it's about to be even more full in the next few months. 


~Dawn~ said...

Awww, so happy for your happiness!!

Sounds like another great weekend. I'm kinda missing that 70 degree weather this morning...Brrr!!

ajs {of MN} said...

leaves at the end of the slide is a GREAT idea, we MUST copy this idea!

Sarah said...

What a great weekend!


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