Wednesday, October 9, 2013

baby #2: week 28

28 Weeks Pregnant
september 30 - october 6

what has been going on this week: hello 3rd trimester!!! adjusted back into real life after being out of town, hung out with the neighbors, celebrated mallory's 1st and michelle's 30th birthdays, watched the twin cities marathon. 

size of baby: he weighs 2.25 lbs and measures 14.8 inches long (how exact). the size of an eggplant. 

maternity clothes: same old for me, but baby boy's clothing collection continues to grow! we recently got a bunch of hand me downs from thatcher's old co-worker who has given us tons of stuff for azalea in the past. so exciting! 

purchases: this weekend we went to a store called pacifier because i had bought a livingsocial deal and wanted to use it on a new diaper bag (ours is in such bad shape after 2 years) or an ergo carrier for baby boy. i ended up buying both and i'm super excited. on top of the coupon, the ergo carrier was on sale, so i got both for a great price!

Product ImageNew in Original Box ERGO baby® Organic Baby Carrier Black

symptoms: the usual: broken out skin, hungry and tired a lot, braxton hicks contractions, some ligament pain,  but overall i feel pretty good! 

movement: lots of movement and hiccups, which i love! 

gender: baby BOY! 

food cravings/aversions: loving pizza, greek, sweets, you name it! i heart food. 

morning sickness: still that liiiiitle bit of nausea in the morning. i've just accepted that it probably won't go away. at least it doesn't last long. 

what i miss: can't think of anything! 

best moment of the week: catching up with lots of friends! 

what thatcher is saying: i made him feel my belly button (which is completely stretched out) because i always feel baby boy's foot or fist right on the other side. he felt it too and thought it was sooooo creepy! haha. 

sleep: some nights it's fine, some not so much. he always moves around a lot after i lay back down after going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which is funny. 

what i'm looking forward to: i sound like a broken record but....the nursery, a name, etc! oh, and my friend kris is a master seamstress and offered to make some crib sheets for baby boy out of the fabric of my choosing. so fun! 

work: i met with my boss this week to go over the details of my maternity leave. i work for a very small company, so we don't have paid leave, but i'm planning to take 12 weeks again and will use my saved up vacation and sick time for some income while i'm gone. after 12 weeks i'll resume my 32 hour/week schedule. so thankful to work for such a family-friendly company. 

ultra sound and appointment: i had my big ultra sound to check on baby's growth (because of the risk of slowed growth from my circumvallate placenta). my mom came along since thatcher can't really take time off from him new job. the ultra sound was great! baby is measuring perfectly and we were even able to see that he has some hair! he was sucking on his hand/wrist the whole time, which was super cute. i love him so much already and i cannot wait to meet him! 


Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Is that a Skip Hop bag? If so I have the same one, just with a print. And I love it!

And I'm so glad that baby is growing right on track! One less thing for you to worry about. :)

~Dawn~ said...

So glad baby is doing great!! I loved seeing him sucking on his lil fist...SO CUTE!

Meg {henninglove} said...

you look so cute melissa! yay for boys too! and i totally understand the break out skin yuck i feel like a teenager again

Becca at One Girl said...

You look so cute Melissa & very fallish! Do you have ideas or inspiration for the nursery?

ajs {of MN} said...

cute! i cant believe you are in the 3rd tri already!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

yay for ergo on sale! that is a win win deal!
cutest thing EVER.


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