Monday, September 16, 2013

thatcher's first week, my work party, lambs group

thatcher had a good first week at his new job. i'm loving that we can carpool (hello express lane on 35), which shortens my commute drastically, and he gets home at 5:40 every night :) friday night we pretty much just relaxed: made dinner, took azalea to the park, and watched a movie after she went to bed. my favorite way to end the work week. 

saturday morning we ran a couple errands and then headed to dangerous man brewing to meet up with my co-workers and their families for our company summer party. one of my co-workers and her husband own dangerous man, it's such a cool place! obviously i couldn't have any beer, but i was there a couple months ago and it was really good. we had a potluck lunch and everyone brought super good stuff. i ate wayyyyy too much, but it was worth it. 

azalea had fun running around, and playing with the puzzles/board games that they have there. 

after we got home, azalea and i both took 2+ hour naps. my brother stopped by in the evening and ate dinner with us, then we went to thatchers' parents' for a visit. after azalea went to bed, we made some apple crisp and watched a movie. it rained for the first time in forever and i loved how cozy it made the night feel. 

sunday morning i took azalea to the first lambs group of the year at our church. it's the "sunday school" equivalent for kids ages 0-3 and their parents. it's crazy to think this is her last year and next year she will be old enough for regular sunday school. i still have another 3 years of lambs, though, with baby brother coming :) azalea was very clingy there. she held onto me like little a little leech and told me numerous times it was "scary." silly girl. my mom met us for the 11am service and azalea did pretty well. 

the afternoon included naps for all of us (we all were feeling a little under the weather). we pretty much just hung out the rest of the day. made dinner, went for a short (chilly!) walk, then got azalea ready for bed. and now, onto a new week! 


marybeth @ BabySavers said...

Sounds like a great week! Your daughter is adorable :)

~Dawn~ said...

You always have such fun work parties! :)

Sounds like a nice low-key, relaxing weekend. Apple crisp sounds so good right about now. I'm kinda loving the Fall weather!

Sarah said...

What a nice and relaxing weekend!

I can't wait for apple picking to make apple crisp. Yum!

ajs {of MN} said...

i have been thinking about apple crisp since you mentioned it on facebook!!

i also loved the rain, MUCH needed!

Sally said...

Dangerous Man is a gorgeous place! I think I'll have to get there sometime.


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