Tuesday, September 10, 2013

baby #2: week 24

24 Weeks Pregnant
september 2-8

what has been going on this week: enjoyed a short work week thanks to labor day, thatcher was off all week between jobs, celebrated uncle anders' birthday, went to mumford and sons concert, out to eat a few times

size of baby: weighs just over a pound and measures just over 12 inches long. the size of an ear of corn. 

maternity clothes: bought another pair of old navy maternity leggings online (black) - i'm excited for them to arrive. my mom bought baby boy a bunch of cute second hand stuff and i might have bought him an outfit or two as well ;) 

symptoms: broken out skin, hungry all the time, tired, braxton hicks contractions (which make a little more sense now) 

movement: he alternates between kick-boxing class and dance parties in there. i love how much he moves around (for now) :) 

gender: my squirmy little baby BOY! 

food cravings/aversions: had another latte this week, i guess i'm over my aversion? sorry wallet. 

morning sickness: still that liiiiitle bit of nausea in the morning. really?  

what i miss: my parents brought back smoked salmon from their trip up north and i'm not supposed to eat it. it's one of my favs :(   

best moment of the week: the mumford and sons show was amazing! even though i made a bad call of buying standing room only floor tickets. 

what thatcher is saying: he informed me we probably won't be starting the nursery until end of oct/early nov because we have a basement project going on right now. starting the nursery requires moving our bedroom out of that room, so it's a little more complicated. trying not to be too bummed...

sleep: up once each night for the bathroom, i've started getting achey legs and hips and numb limbs from sleeping exclusively on my sides....fun. 

what i'm looking forward to: planning for our little man. clothes, nursery, name, etc! 

pre-natal appt: i had a routine appt yesterday to go over my ultra sound results with my doctor. baby is looking great, but she did talk to me about an abnormality with my placenta that showed up. it's called placenta circumvallate and it only happens in 1-2% of pregnancies (lucky me). apparently there is an extra membrane layer that wraps around my placenta. in most cases, it does not have a negative impact on the baby, but the possible concern is that it can slow down the growth of the baby. the good news is, so far baby is growing completely normally. they do want me to come in for another ultra sound on oct. 9th to check on the baby's growth. my doctor does not seem too concerned and told me that i should not worry about it. she also told me that it's not 100% positive that i have it because ultra sounds are not 100% accurate in detecting it. of course i did the classic no-no and googled it. there isn't a ton of info out there, but i did read a couple scary things that i wish i hadn't. :/ i'm going to trust that i'm getting the best care possible and that this will not affect the health of my sweet little boy. 


~Dawn~ said...

Your pregnancy is just moving right along. Does it feel like it's going as fast for you as it does for me? haha

Hoping for all the best from the ultrasound news!!

Tami said...

You look great!! Will you guys share his name once you decide?

Bridget said...

Why can't you have smoked salmon? I ate Salmon when I was pregnant...is it becuase it's smoked?

Moving right along friend...can't wait to meet your lil' boy!!!

Becky said...

You look so great, Melissa!! I am SO excited to meet Mr. Imboden.

Leah said...

Lookin great Mama!!! Hopefully all good news comes from your next US.

Kelly B. said...

aww I know it's easy for me to say "don't worry!" but I totally would, too. Thankfully your doctor seemed calm and hopefully you get some clarity at the next appointment!

Sarah said...

Yay for ultrasounds and getting to see baby! Glad all is well though! Hang in there!

Jen @ wonderfullyunkempt said...

No more google!! Good to hear the docs aren't too concerned and that they are keeping an eye on things! Thinking good thoughts for you!

ajs {of MN} said...

googling is always a NO NO!!

i still cant get over that you have jumped three weeks ahead!


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