Wednesday, September 4, 2013

baby #2: week 23

are you wondering where weeks 20-22 went? read my post about my due date change

23 Weeks Pregnant
august 26 - september 1

what has been going on this week: had our ultra sound where we found out we're having a boy(!), my due date got moved up 3 weeks, got fro yo with karen + the boys and with the carlsons, had dinner with anna and michelle, had our gender reveal party, went to the state fair

size of baby: 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound. the size of a mango. whoa! not only did i skip 3 weeks of my pregnancy, but baby is measured from head to feet now, instead of head to butt. 

maternity clothes: purchased a tshirt-dress from bellies to babies. clothing options are getting more limited by the day. however, baby BOY's clothing collection is growing :) 

symptoms: broken out skin, hungry all the time, tired, braxton hicks contractions (which make a little more sense now) 

movement: no wonder i was feeling such strong movement so early on! it was so fun feeling baby moving around AND seeing him on the screen at our ultrasound.  

gender: baby boy! i'm having a boy! still getting used to this exciting news :) 

food cravings/aversions: guess what i had this week? a salted caramel latte...the first hot coffee drink in about 4 months. and it was yummy! i also ate my face off at the state fair. it was a good week! 

morning sickness: still that liiiiitle bit of nausea in the morning. really?  

what i miss: the 3 weeks of my pregnancy i'm missing out on? haha. sort of.  

best moment of the week: finding out the sex and seeing our babe for the first time! 

what thatcher is saying: he was convinced it was going to be another girl, so he is still wrapping his head around the boy idea. 

sleep: up once each night around 3:30am for the bathroom, otherwise still decent.

what i'm looking forward to: planning for our little man. clothes, nursery, name, etc! 


Carolyn said...

WHOOP! :) You look so cute! I'm so excited there's another boy being brought into the MN Blogger group! HAHA!

~Dawn~ said...

How lucky are you to skip 3 weeks of pregnancy and still have a healthy baby!!

Still can't wait to spoil your little BOY!

Leah said...

I agree with Dawn. How funny to just move ahead 3 weeks. Still so crazy! Lookin good!!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

so excited about these boys coming around :) cant wait to hear his name you come up with!

Sarah said...

So excited to hear more about boy names :)

Emily Gentry said...

Congratulations! Little boys are a ton of fun! Even the little guy clothes are fun to me!

You look so beautiful! You've definitely got the glow!

Becky said...

So crazy you're up 3 weeks - I just can't imagine getting that news, haha! Excited to hear more and see more of this little boy in the future! Will you be sharing the name or waiting until he's here?


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