Monday, September 9, 2013

2 delicious eateries and a lack of my own pictures

friday evening started off interestingly - the minute azalea and i stepped in the door, the smell of natural gas just about knocked me over. i grabbed her and started walking down our street, away from the house and called thatcher. the gas company had actually been there in the morning for a small leak, and supposedly they had fixed it. i was worried, though, was that something went wrong after they left and now there was a bigger leak. thatcher gave me the emergency number to call. i had to talk to a lady for about 10 minutes, while carrying my crying toddler who was freaking out because i wouldn't let her go inside, 6 months pregnant, in 93 degree weather. not the most fun i've had in a while. they sent someone over and luckily there was not a new leak, i was just smelling the residual gas that got trapped in the house from when they were there earlier in the day. so our house didn't blow up. whew :) after that ordeal, i met up with my friend liz for dinner at mill valley kitchen


it's been open for a couple years, but neither of us had been there before. it was really good and had such a beautiful atmosphere! i had herb roasted chicken with risotto, and we shared 2 sides of whipped sweet potatoes and quinoa. yum! it was such a nice night catching up with liz, the 2 hours we were there just flew by! 

saturday thatcher, azalea, and i ran a million errands. she and i napped in the afternoon, then we stopped by a birthday party for a friend of thatcher's. thatcher and i had dinner plans with his former co-worker eric and his wife elise in uptown, so we dropped azalea off at his parents' and headed to nico's taco bar


it's a new restaurant (just opened this weekend!) owned by the same couple who owns amore victoria in uptown. we love amore victoria and know the owners (they catered our wedding), so we were really excited to check it out. and it did not disappoint! i got a really yummy (virgin) orange pomegranate margarita and we all split chips with salsa and guacamole. for dinner, i got 3 different kinds of tacos and all were really good! we can't wait to go back! 

sunday was a quiet day. ran errands in the morning and took naps in the afternoon. we visited my parents before dinner and then made home made pizza and hung out at home in the evening. oh, i also ate 2 bites of recalled chobani yogurt on accident, and felt like a bad mom when i realized i've fed azalea 3 containers of it this week. blehhhhhhhhhhh. thankfully neither of us have gotten sick. 


~Dawn~ said...

Both restaurants look great! Adam and I need to get out more and try some new eateries! haha

So glad the gas smell wasn't anything more serious and you haven't gotten sick from the yogurt!!

Chobani said...


We deeply apologize. Please contact our Customer Loyalty Team so we can get to work replacing those cups for you. We're working around the clock to make things right for our consumers, who we value immensely.

Link to contact form:

Amy @ Chobani

Brittany said...

Yum!! I better check out those restaurants.

Leah said...

So scary on the gas issue. So glad it was not a new leak. Also, your dinners both sound delicious.

Sarah said...

Gas leaks are scary business! We had one at our house when Aubrey was a few months old, so frightening. Glad you guys are okay!

I've never heard of either of those restaurants- I'm going to have to add them to my "try" list!

ajs {of MN} said...

that taco place sounds yummy!!


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