Wednesday, July 17, 2013

baby #2: weeks 8-10 (adjusted time is 11-13 weeks)

8 Weeks Pregnant
june 3 - june 9 (11 weeks)

what has been going on this week: we told both sets of parents (see last post), we left azalea with grandparents for 4 days to attend my college roomate kaylee's wedding in kansas city. 
size of baby: just over 1/2 inch...the size of a kidney bean  
maternity clothes: everything still fits, but i looked way more pregnant than i am in my dress this weekend. yikes! 
symptoms: some stomach aches and a little nausea, but nothing terrible. skin is still a mess, lots of potty breaks! 
movement: no
gender: in general, i lean towards thinking girl....but who knows
food cravings/aversions: anything with red sauce (pizza/pasta) always sounds good. still get grossed out at the thought of anything coffee-related. 
morning sickness: a little nausea, but not bad. i'm so thankful that so far i haven't gotten sick at all. that was such a big worry of mine when i got pregnant again.
what i miss: missed having a few drinks this weekend. also, i ate deli meat all the time when i was pregnant with azalea, but for some reason i'm more worried about it this time, so i've been keeping away. i think i have this fear that i can't possibly be lucky enough to get away with it twice. i'm weird :) 
best moment of the week:  kaylee's wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun to be a part of. 
what thatcher is saying: he insists that i didn't look "that" pregnant at the wedding, but the pictures tell another story. haha. 
sleep: no problems, i generally can make it through the night without having to go to the bathroom. 
what i'm looking forward to: our appointment this wednesday morning (finally!) and telling more people! 

8 week appointment: we went on june 12th when i was 8.5 weeks. the appointment was great! i was nervous that i wouldn't be lucky enough to have a second boring (read: easy) pregnancy, but that seems to be the way things are going right now and i'm so thankful. thatcher came along and we saw a new (to us) nurse practitioner and i loved her! she was so sweet and re-assuring and gave us lots of time to just chat. at my first appointment for azalea, they did an ultra sound so they could measure the baby to determine how far along i was (because my cycles were so wonky), but this time they had a clear idea how far along i was, so they asked if i would like to try to hear the heart beat on the doppler instead. they said at 8 weeks there is a 50-50 chance of hearing it and that i shouldn't worry if we couldn't pick it up. i said sure! she moved the doppler around on my belly (noting my "cute little bump already" haha), and after a few seconds we heard the quick swoosh swoosh sound of our baby's heartbeat. the best sound in the world! his/her heart rate was 164 bpm. it was such a relief to hear it. we didn't end up doing an ultra sound at all, so we didn't get to see our baby, which was a bummer - but hearing the heartbeat so early was worth it! i go back july 15 for my 12 week appointment (i'll be 13 weeks, though). 

*last time i started weekly belly pics at week 8, but of course i dropped the ball on the 8th week this time, so first belly pic starts at week 9.

9 Weeks Pregnant
june 10 - june 16 (12 weeks) 

what has been going on this week: i got to meet mollie's triplets, kelli and i took azalea to lake harriet, had our first pre-natal appointment, thatcher turned 31, attended the uptown bike race
size of baby: around 1 inch - the size of a grape, still under 1 oz.   
maternity clothes: still wearing all normal clothes, but i bought a pair of maternity jeans and a maternity skirt at h and m this week. 
symptoms: tired, hungry, and the skin breakouts won't let up. 
movement: nope
gender: i go back and forth on this!
food cravings/aversions?: most foods sound good, but still can't stomach the thought of coffee, hot chocolate, coolers, etc. 
morning sickness: just more mild nausea, which puts my mind at ease (thank you!) 
what i miss: nothing really...maybe clearer skin ;) 
best moment of the week:  hearing baby's heart beat at our appointment...hands down!  
what thatcher is saying: his smile at the appointment after hearing the heart beat was the best. 
sleep: i want to sleep all the time! i often nap when azalea naps on days that i am home. nights are still going well. 
what i'm looking forward to: we've been gradually telling more friends and family, excited to tell more, also looking forward to my 12 week appointment next month. 

june 17 - 23 (13 weeks) 

what has been going on this week: azalea and i had a fun playdate with chrissy, tegan, and aaron, went to the kenny ice cream social, had dinner at the barr's, went to the minnesota zoo, went to the kingfield market with the carlsons, had dinner at the bodell's.
size of baby: 1.5 inches...the size of a kumquat
maternity clothes: still wearing all regular clothes, but this bump is getting really hard to hide. 
symptoms: another week with pretty minimal symptoms. the most prominent one has been fatigue. i hit a wall at 9pm every night and can't keep my eyes open. 
movement: not yet, but looking forward to it! 
gender: people ask me a lot whether i think it's another girl or a boy. i go back and forth. time will tell!  
food cravings/aversions: most everything sounds good, except coffee (but you already knew that) :) 
morning sickness: very minimal nausea, which i am sooo thankful for. just a few more weeks and i'll be out of the 1st trimester, too! (crazy!)
what i miss: not having to think twice about deli meat and fish/seafood. i'm eating both, but trying to limit my intake.
best moment of the week: seeing and telling more of our friends. 
what thatcher is saying: he is in awe of my fast growing belly. haha! he is also jealous that i get to do most of the announcing our news to our friends, but let's just say we have different approaches to announcing. he thinks it's fun to be subtle (and awkward!) and it drives me crazy ;) 
sleep: sleeping through the night unless i'm woken up by something non-pregnancy related (like storms lately!) 
what i'm looking forward to: finishing the first trimester, announcing our news online, feeling movement, finding out the sex....ok, everything! 


Carolyn said...

YAY! :) I love bumpdates. I cannot WAIT to find out the gender of your baby. You're finding out, right?

Also - you look so cute. :)

~Dawn~ said...

You look amazing...I just love that little bump!

So glad to hear that this pregnancy is going as well as your first. :)

Sarah said...

Love the bump!

Diana said...

You still going to do these bump pictures in the back yard in the middle of December? :-)

ajs {of MN} said...

glad this is all going so well! you look great :D


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