Friday, July 12, 2013

baby #2: weeks 5-7 (adjusted time is 8-10 weeks)

may 13-19 (8 weeks)

what has been going on this week: we found out about baby (!), azalea and i had a play date with our old neighbors at the park, thatcher and i attended gretchen's wedding, i took azalea to lambs group at church
size of baby: an apple seed (itty bitty!) 
maternity clothes: nope, but i have a feeling i'm going to be sportin' them way earlier this time around. i actually bought a cute pair of black maternity jeans at h&m the other day for $10. i'm trying to take inventory in my brain of what i wore last time around and what i will need this time since the seasons are slightly off. 
symptoms: broken out chest and face, the spins, a freaking baby bump already (i had no idea it could pop out so early! i feel like people might notice), hungry hungry hungry. 
movement: not for a while! looking forward to it, though!  i felt azalea around 16 weeks so i'll use that as my guide. although they say you often feel baby #2 sooner!
gender: no clue, although i'll admit i do often picture us with 2 girls....but maybe that's because baby girls are all i know. 
food cravings/aversions: ok, this is embarrassing but...i impulsively bought a mcdonalds breakfast sandwich while running errands the other day....and i had already eaten breakfast!! i didn't have many cravings with azalea...just grilled cheese + tomato soup!
morning sickness: very minor nausea (which i find reassuring!), I'm hoping it doesn't worsen. I was very lucky with azalea....fingers crossed!
what i miss: nothing really right now. i've only known for a few days :) i'm sure i'll miss having some drinks next weekend at kaylee's bachelorette party. 
best moment of the week: i'm gonna have to go with finding out we are expecting! i feel so grateful to be on this journey again! 
what thatcher is saying: "yay or nay" when i came in to our room after taking the test, followed by "i knew it!" when i said "yay". haha
sleep: so far so good although my bladder feels like it's going to burst every morning!
what i'm looking forward to: telling our family and friends, and our first appointment june 12th. everything seems more real from that point on!

5 weeks along. 5 weeks! how on earth am i gonna hide this thing?

may 20-26 (9 weeks)

what has been going on this week: went down to omaha for kaylee's bachelorette weekend. told the girls i'm pregnant because there was no way i was going to make it through the weekend without them knowing. it made things seem more real to have them in the know! oh and remember this pic....? 

kiddy cocktail for the win! just to throw you all off ;)

size of baby: 1/4''...the size of a lentil
maternity clothes: everything is still fits, but i have a visible bump when i wear fitted shirts. 
symptoms: broken out chest (please go away!), the most bumpin 6 week bump ever. 
movement: nah!
gender: thinking girl, but who knows.  
food cravings/aversions: pizza was super delicious in omaha. i had multiple opportunities for coffee this weekend, but it never sounded good...not sure i'd call it an aversion yet.
morning sickness: a little bit more nausea this week, but no where near puking. fingers crossed it doesn't worsen. 
what i miss: nothing really. i did wish i could have enjoyed a few drinks with the girls this weekend, but it's all worth it. 
best moment of the week: telling the girls! celebrating kaylee!
what thatcher is saying: "i'm glad you are knocked up, so i didn't have to worry about you getting too wild this weekend." ha! thaaaanks. 
sleep: no problems. just more than ready to visit the potty first thing when i wake up! 
what i'm looking forward to: telling our family and more friends, and our first appointment june 12th. lots to look forward to! 

may 27 - june 2 (10 weeks)

what has been going on this week: enjoyed a short work week due to memorial day, visited the dentist about swollen/tender gums and found out i have six canker sores along my gum line. thank you crazy hormones and weakened immune system! attended a blogger event at sees candy store, went to kelli's recital, went to becky/jackie's 30th birthday dinner, went to the edina art fair. 
size of baby: 1/2 inch...the size of a blueberry   
maternity clothes: everything still fits, but i have a visible bump when i wear fitted shirts. went to "bellies to babies" consignment shop, didn't buy anything. bought 2 regular shirts at gap and loft that should fit for a while. 
symptoms: i've had a pretty symptom-less week, which this over-worrier doesn't really enjoy. i'm trying to tell myself i shouldn't worry unless i start having bad symptoms. i'm so ready to get to the doctor and hear everything is going ok. 10 more days!
movement: nope, not for a while.
gender: i had a dream it was a boy this week! actually i've had vivid dreams in general almost every night this week. 
food cravings/aversions: spinach ravioli, tacos, pf changs = yum, the thought of coffee drinks, hot chocolate, or scones (so random) = bleh
morning sickness: almost no nausea this week. :/ i prefer having at least a teeny bit, so i know everything is going ok.  
what i miss: nothing much!
best moment of the week:  lots of fun stuff this week, but my friend mollie had her triplets on june 1 and that definitely takes the cake! 
what thatcher is saying: i feel like these quotes never make him sound very supportive, but i swear he is. he just likes to tease me. this week he mostly rolled his eyes every time i told him i don't "feel" pregnant. haha. i think we will both be more sane once i have my first appt. 
sleep: sleeping well, and my bladder hasn't even been that full when i wake up. hmmm. 
what i'm looking forward to: telling our families (mine tomorrow - eeek!) and more friends, and our first appointment june 12th. lots to look forward to! 


Katie said...

This is so much fun to read these!! I can't wait to see how you told your families!

Dawn said...

Ahhh, I love these :) I do remember those pics and didn't even THINK about there possibly being a baby in your belly! haha

Tami said...

I also keep picturing us with two girls! I've been quite sure for the last several weeks that we are having another girl but then I had a dream that it was a boy so I'm really not sure! The wait is so hard! I cannot wait to find out!

Sarah said...

So glad that you seem to be skipping morning sickness- again!

Oh and I loved Bellies to Babies when I was pregnant!

Carolyn said...

YAY!!! :) Good work on the fake drink! So proud! HAHAHA

ajs {of MN} said...

HA! I love seeing that pic "remember this one..." i do remember it and you are GLOWING ;) i just thought it was the curls :)


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