Friday, June 14, 2013

instagram friday

whew, what a week! i feel like i just got back from kansas city, but somehow 5 days have gone by. i had a lot going on this week, so that's probably why. monday night i met my friend mollie's triplets (see the cuties below), tuesday night my friend kelli and i took azalea to lake harriet for dinner at to play at the park, wednesday was thatchers' birthday - he had a meeting in the evening, but we managed to meet up after for a late dinner at pizza luce. azalea hung out with grandma and grandpa. last night i took azalea to the park, it was the nicest day we've seen in weeks! i've got some fun stuff on tap for this weekend as well. and i wonder why summer goes so fast! ;) 

delicious rhubarb bars from our neighbors

another shot from kaylee's wedding 

meeting graham, henry, and nolan for the first time.

happy 31st birthday thatcher! 


~Dawn~ said...

Whew - you are always so so busy!! Hope the weather stays nice this weekend! :)

JJ said...

those bars look so yummie!

Have a great weekend.

ajs {of MN} said...

time is going SO fast!


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