Monday, May 20, 2013

williston tree house, a wedding, singing in the rain

friday night was our typical friday in. we went to the grocery store to get a redbox and i hit the salad bat to make a giant salad for dinner. i'm usually too much of a fatty to eat "just" a salad for dinner, but i stuffed my face with so much junk at work that day, it was all that sounded good and acceptable by the end of the day :) 

saturday morning we woke up to thunderstorms. it was fun! well, i should would have been more fun if azalea didn't demand to get up at 6am. her little internal clock is so reliable ;) after 3 hours of playing (while the storm was still going strong), we decided to check with some friends who also have toddlers to see if they wanted to meet up at williston tree house, a fun indoor playground in minnetonka. our friends liz, jake, and max were up for it, so we met them out there. we played for about an hour. last time we were there, azalea was only 16 months old. she was more into it this time, but she's sort of at that borderline age for going up in the tunnels/tubes by herself. she got a little freaked out when we weren't with her, but we wanted to encourage her to be independent. it was a fun morning! 

in the evening, we attended a wedding for thatcher's childhood friend gretchen. thatcher's sister came along with us, and my parents watched azalea at our house. it was such a beautiful wedding and i'm not exaggerating when i say that. the ceremony was held at a historic presbyterian church downtown...

just married!

thatcher and i after the wedding 

...and the reception was at the top of the IDS center (50th floor). i had never been up there before - the view was amazing1 

the wedding had such a classy, romantic feel, it was absolutely gorgeous. 

not to mention we had delicious filet minon for dinner! we didn't know many people at the wedding, so we headed home by 9:30. my kind of night ;) 

sunday morning was stormy again! i took azalea to lambs group at church (the last one of the year) and then we met my mom for the 11:00 service. azalea was a busy body, but i didn't have to take her out at all, which was nice. she napped in the afternoon and i got some cleaning done. it rained again in the afternoon and azalea really wanted to go outside, so we let her. she had a blast splashing in the puddles and getting wet. 


we were planning on making home made pesto pizza for dinner, so we decided to see if our neighbors ryan, rebekah, and baby carson wanted to join us. we had a fun dinner and enjoyed the time to catch up with them. 


lo @ crazy ever after said...

I used to bring one of the kids I nanny for to that church for choir practice. It truly is beautiful! And I have never heard of Williston. Better add it to my list!

~Dawn~ said...

The tree house place sounds fun - the perfect place to go on a rainy day, I'm sure.

Gorgeous wedding :)

And I LOOOVE that you let Azalea dance in the rain - so cute.

Carolyn said...

Seriously. So much rain this weekend! LOL That wedding looks so pretty! I love your dress!

ajs {of MN} said...

cute playing in the rain pics! fun weekend and yes pretty wedding! i loved your dress you "fatty!" geeeezzzzz :)

Sally said...

Glad you had a great weekend. That looks like a gorgeous church and reception venue!

Brittany said...

I love your dress for the wedding. Super cute.

That last picture of Azalea on the right is adorable!!

Diana said...

You are NOT allowed to call yourself a fatty when you look that smokin' in that green dress! What's your secret?!?

Deidre said...

splashing in puddles is one of my favourite activities, so I can see why Azalia wanted to partake :)


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