Friday, May 31, 2013

slacker friday

happy friday! i don't have much for you today. it's been a crazy week. i was off work monday and tuesday, and then the rest of the week just flew by. i think i only instagrammed once this week. oops! however, last night i went to a super fun blogger event at the new sees candy store in southdale, so i'll be posting about that on monday. i just couldn't get my act together last night. i'll also have my weekend recap as usual! 

yum in the tum!

tonight i'm going to my best friend kelli's dance recital then out to pizza luce with her family, tomorrow night i have a birthday dinner for my friends becky and jackie at pf changs and i'm hoping to make it to the edina art fair at some point. i hope you have a great weekend! 


Bridget said...

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

~Dawn~ said...

So fun to see you last night. I didn't get to taste the lemon truffles everyone keeps talking about....did you?

Have a great weekend :)

ajs {of MN} said...

funnnn a dance recital! this time of year and dance recitals galore bring me back, i miss my dance days!

great seeing you last night and meeting your friend sara- i bet she loved it!

have a fun and BUSY (duh) weekend, friend! :D

Brittany said...

Fun seeing you last night. Have a funn weekend!


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