Monday, May 13, 2013

friday off, blogger yoga, mother's day

i had a 3 day weekend because i took friday off to spend with azalea since her daycare was closed (planned vacation day). it was such a nice day to be off. we went to my parents' in the morning and they watched azalea for a bit so i could run to the mall. i went to find a new black top for a bachelorette party coming up in a couple weeks. i didn't find a top i liked, but of course i found a dress and a necklace. haha. so, that was a success (and nice to be able to go alone). i picked up brueggers for all of us for lunch and then azalea and i headed home so she could nap. that night we met thatcher at burger jones for dinner. i love impromptu dinner outings like that. it was delish as usual. we ended the night with a movie after azalea went to sleep. 

saturday morning azalea and i ran some errands then my parents came over to watch her again. (thatcher was gone at a political convention for most of the day). i headed to powderhorn park for a blogger yoga class (as thatcher said the other day "wow, you guys do like...everything together, don't you?). haha! one of the fellow bloggers, katie is a yoga instructor, so she offered to lead a class for whoever was interested. after class we had a little potluck lunch. it was so much fun! lots of newbies came, which is always cool! 

all the girls

tree pose :) 

for my contribution to lunch, i made the (internet) famous no bake energy balls. mine came out a little crumbly and hard to roll into balls, but they were still delicious!

sunday was mother's third mother's day! (how is that possible?!) thatcher and azalea got me an hour long massage that i'm super excited to use!
2011, 2012, 2013

we hung out at home and ran some errands in the morning. then we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a bbq to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. another pretty chilly day, but it was fun! it was nice to have everyone together. my cousin jenna has been in los angeles since january, my grandma moved into an assisted living place a few months ago, and her husband bob is recovering from having one of his legs amputated above the knee because of an aneurysm. so yeah, lots of stuff happened lately. we had tons of food and it was all delicious. and azalea did great considering it was in the middle of nap time. 

my aunt and uncle's beautiful house

 a little chilly hanging out on the deck

 azalea and grandpa wayne - her tickle face is priceless! 

azalea took a nice 2.5 hour nap when we got home, then we took her to my parents' to hang out with them so thatcher and i could meet our friends liz and joe for dinner at big bowl. we had been meaning to do a no-kids dinner out with them for a while, so it was really nice to catch up. also thankful that my parents were up for spending so much time with azalea this weekend! 

i hope you all had a great mother's day. while i'm so thankful to be azalea's mom and to have a great mom, mother-in-law and grandmothers to show me the way, mother's day always makes me think of those who struggle with this holiday - those who are waiting to be a mom or have lost their mom. if you fall into either of those camps i hope you were able to feel at peace yesterday. 


Sarah said...

I tried the blogger no bake energy balls this weekend too, and oh my gosh, mine are amazing! I didn't have any flaxseed (and certainly wasn't going to buy any just for this), so I made it with extra oats. It ended up being the perfect consistency. Soooo good! Glad yours turned out well!

Sally said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I might have to try those energy balls... sounds like something I can make with my dad. (We tried one no-bake cookies thing once... it had pumpkin in it and it was nasty!)

Minnesota Bloggers said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Bummer on not finding a black top... but yay for a new dress!! ;-)

Funny about Thatcher's comment... we don't do EVERYTHING together, but we're always trying to do DIFFERENT types of things, right? Haha!

Sunday sounds like it was a busy but fun day-- love those Mothers Day photos!! So precious :-D

jess said...

Yoga looked like so much fun! I'm bummed I couldn't make it. Glad you had a wonderful third mother's day, lady! :)

ajs {of MN} said...

i loved A's 2012 top for mothers days! that is one of my favorite that i have for Avrie ;)

MNBloggeryoga looked fun! too bad i am not very good at the ol' yoging.

and SUPER cute tickle face!

Carolyn said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day weekend! :) I'm so bummed I couldn't go to yoga!

Sarah said...

I love shopping by myself because it's so relaxing! Glad you got some time alone. Looks like a fantastic Mother's Day- why do people always schedule things over nap time? Grr! :) Great to see you on Saturday!

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!! I love the comparison pictures from the past 3 years! So sweet!

Brittany said...

Glad I got to see you at yoga :) Looks like you had a nice weekend


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