Tuesday, May 28, 2013

bachelorette weekend in omaha

this past weekend was my college roomate kaylee's big bachelorette party in omaha. i know...omaha...super exciting right? :) but i was pleasantly surprised by this city! it was actually very charming and a lot of fun. i'd love to go back! here's a run down of the weekend...

my other roomates heidi and sarah came to my house friday evening and we took azalea to noodles for dinner and then went to the mall for a little bit. we went to bed early in anticipation of our early morning drive. saturday we were on the road by 7:20am, caribou in hand. it took 6 hours to drive to omaha. 

we drove through pouring rain for quite a while which wasn't too fun. we stopped in a teeny tiny town at mcdonald's for lunch and then arrived on omaha at 1:30. we went straight to margaret (the maid of honor)'s house. she has been kaylee's best friend since middle school, but this was our first time meeting her. we all got along great! we hung out at the house for a bit, then headed downtown (old market area) to check into our hotel. then started the getting ready to go out process. i'm a pretty low maintenance girl and generally get ready in no time, but I thought it would be fun to have heidi curl my hair and sarah do my makeup. my hair cannot hold a curl to save its life, but heidi worked her magic. it was so fun to have curls for the night. and kaylee was cute as a button as usual :) 

 finally we were all ready to go, so we headed downstairs for free drinks and appetizers. 

we had a 6:30 dinner reservation at a place called m's pub a couple blocks away. it was a really cool place and the food was delicious.

on our walk there, we were approached by a saxophonist who asked kaylee what her wedding song is. it is a song he had never heard, so he quickly listened to it on his phone and then proceeded to play it for her. pretty funny! 

 after dinner we had reservations at a dueling piano bar. we had to get there early, but that was ok. i have been to a dueling piano show once before in minneapolis and this was very similar. they take requests and also bring bachelorettes and people celebrating birthdays, etc up on the stage to have a little fun. we had a blast singing along and celebrating our little bride. 

we called the hotel shuttle to bring us back and we were in by midnight. not bad!

sunday we only slept in til 8:30. what can i say, we are old. :) we got ready, checked out of the hotel, and headed back to old market to a cute little bakery/diner called wheatfields and indulged in a huge breakfast. yum! 

we had pedicure appointments for 12:45, so we made our way over to the salon. we all got pedicures (except sarah who is recovering from ankle surgery). 

after pedicures, we hit an outdoor mall for a little shopping. we were all pooped by about 4:00, so we headed back to margaret's house to hang out for the rest of the night. kaylee opened her bachelorette gifts, which was super fun. 

margaret picked up pizzas and we stuffed our faces while sitting around in comfy clothes, watching movies & doing practice runs of wedding day make up. it was a perfect end to the weekend. we had an interesting wake up call a couple hours after going to bed, at 1:30am the tornado sirens started going off. eek! we brought our pillows and blankets down to the basement and turned on the tv. turns out there was a huge storm headed towards us with a "strong potential" for a tornado. no thank you! luckily after about half hour, they lifted the warning and said it would just be a regular thunderstorm. so, we headed back to bed. 

we woke up pretty early monday morning to get ready and start our drive back. it took a little longer this time, but we had a yummy lunch at panera, which was worth it! i had such a fun time road tripping with heidi and sarah and spending the weekend with my dear friends (and making a new one)! i can't believe it's been 10-11 years since we all met, and 7 years since i graduated. time flies! kaylee's wedding is june 8th in kansas city and i can't wait! 


Bridget said...

You look sooooo pretty!!! Glad you had a fun weekend!

~Dawn~ said...

Love the curls in your hair!! :) Looks like such a fun time. Who knew Omaha could be so fun! haha

Carolyn said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! :)

ajs {of MN} said...

what a fun little weekend road trip, you looked so pretty in those curls and makeup!

scary tornado warning, i DO NOT like sirens or storms and waking up to them away from home would be so NOT cool!

Katie Hall said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! My husband used to live in Omaha and he always talks about what a fun little city it is! Your hair and makeup look awesome, you should definitely wear it like that for the wedding!

Brittany said...

I love the curls!! They look great on you

Sally said...

What a fun weekend! Was Village Pointe the mall you went to? It was funny to read about the sirens... my daughter, Kati, lives right there and was woken up by them too.


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